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Today at school a woman called Brenda came to do athletics classes with us. It was really fun! We did different activities with her. The first thing that we did was called the long jump. We didn’t do the long jump as long as they do in the olympics but it was far enough. I jumped to a little bit after the half way mark.

Once we had finished that we went on to a new activity. I forget the name of it but it was very fun! There was a type of mat set out on the ground and on the mat were yellow triangular prisms. What we had to do was jump over each triangular prism and once we had jumped over each prism we had to put our two feet down before we jumped over the next prism and if we didn’t we would have to do it all over again! It was hard at first but then it got easier.

After that we did another activity and in that activity there was a small carpet and in the middle of it there was a small board. What we had to do was jump back and over the board and we had to do it five times. After that we went straight on to the next activity. It was sort of like a small balance beam and we had to stand on it for five seconds. It was quite hard at times to keep your balance but if you have a good balance you would find it easy. We did those two activities a few times.

Afterwards we went on to our last activity. We were put into groups of three for this. Brenda, the instructor who was doing the athletics, stood at the top of the field and we were at the halfway mark. Each team had one foam rocket. The object of the game was to throw the rocket as far as we could and the group who got closest to her were the winners.

I really enjoyed doing the athletics! It was really fun and enjoyable!

By Amy

(Taken from Amy’s Blog)

Today an instructor came into us to teach us athletics. Her name was Brenda.

First we did a thing where you had to bend and jump on to a mat.

Then we  jumped over mini-hurdels and put your two on feet in between them. Then we had to jump back and over a hurdle 5 times then hold your balance for 5 seconds.

It was a good day.

By Seamus

(Taken from Seamus’ Blog)

Today a lady called Brenda came into the school to do Athletics with us. It was great! She took a couple of minutes to set up. She has lots of equipment. She talked about what sports in the Olympics involved Athletics. Then we did a lap of the pitch. She thought everyone at Inver was very fit!!!


The first thing we did was a couple of stretches.Then we got started, we did the long jump I think. You had to bend you legs slightly, then jump as far as you can. I wasn’t very good at that one.


After that we did something with a weird piece of equipment. It was like a blue sheet on the ground with yellow blocks sticking up. They were a far bit apart! We had to run through/over them. That was my favorite one.


Then we did something like Javelin but we used foam rockets. Brenda was the target and I could only hit her feet. I liked that one too! :)


I really enjoyed Athletics and can’t wait for Brenda to come again!!!! :) ;) :)

By Ailish (Taken from Ailish’s Blog)


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