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Terry McDonagh’s workshop


The other day Terry Mc Donagh came to our school. He gave us a workshop on writing as part of Aras Inis Gluaire’s writers’ festival: An Béal Binn – Erris Festival of Words. If you have never heard about him, he is an Irish poet. In his poems, he doesn’t rhyme, he just writes beautiful poems.
He showed us two books that we thought were fantastic! 😊 Then, he told us to grab a pen and paper and start writing a 50 word Saga about Clouds! At first we were confused but then he started making up stories about them that were very funny and interesting.
After, he got us to read them out! He then read out his poems and put a little bit of action into them. He was a really great poet!
After all, we had a really fun day with him! ☺️😃
By April

(Taken from April’s Blog)

Last Friday a Poet called Terry McDonagh came in to us because the Festival of Words was on last weekend In Aras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet He was really funny.
First he introduced himself and then he started talking about clouds. He sasked ” What are clouds like?” Someone said ‘Nice’. He said ‘nice’ had no meaning! Someone shouted ‘Candyfloss’. He said ‘That’s more like it’! We actually wrote a whole story about clouds and the cloud family. We had to write for 5 minutes nonstop about clouds!!!
He told us to write about anything we wanted then. I wrote about a family going on holiday it was called ” Holidays are Bad.” It could only be 50 words long though, that’s called a mini saga!
He read a couple of his poems from his book called ’Boxes’ and it was great.
I hope Terry did well in the festival and I hope he comes again!!!!
By Ailsih
(Taken from Ailish’s blog)

On Friday the 6th of June 2014 a poet and writer called Terry McDonagh came into our school to talk about writing and poems. First he told us about his work and life and showed us some poems and a book he wrote.
Next he put some coloured boxes out on the table and we did mini sagas witch means a 50 word story and we had to pick a coloured box. This was my mini saga. It is called Ching Ching,
John Joe Gorilla walked into the pub with his friends Lenny and Matt. They got drunk and spent all their money. So the went to the g-casino. Then John Joe put a cent in the machine and ChingChing all the money poured out.
That is my mini saga.
Next he read out some of his poems.
i enjoyed Terry’s visit to our school.
By Kian
(Taken from Kian’s blog)

On Friday a man called Terry McDonagh came to our school. He is a poet. He brought in two books called “Cill Aodain and Nowhere Else” and another book called ” Boxes”.
We had to write a mini saga. That is a story with 50 words no more or no less. My title was called “Hotel For Animals”. You had to chose a box to put your story in to I put mine in to a blue box.
I really enjoyed writing the mini saga. I would like him to come again. It was a good day.
The End
By Seamus

Taken from Seamus’ Blog

Terry Mc Donagh is poet. He writes poems. My favourite poem is ‘Boxes’. He wrote books called Cill Aodain and Nowhere Else. This story is about when we was a kid.

We did a mini saga. That is a story but it was to have 50 words only. My story is called ‘Stuck in the Bog.’ I engoyed writing with Terry.
📄✏️ The end📄✏️
By Liam

(Taken from Liam’s Blog)

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