Back-seat Kids

We have been reading Back Seat Kids by Terry McDonagh and we love it. Terry visited our school in June and we took a video of him reading some of his poems. This is
Back Seat Kids

The back seats in our classroom are scratched, written on
and the legs are loose.
Front seats can never be back seats
and back seats can never be front seats –
they just can’t.
Back-seat kids are kept in more often. They wear baseball caps sideways, try to be cool and stick chewing gum under seats.
They spend a lot of time outside Mr Principal’s door waiting to be called in
for throwing a schoolbag over the fence,
a small child’s lunch
down the toilet, or
spilling paint in the art room.
school back seats, cinema back seats, or bus back seats – all back seats
fill up first
because back seats are back seats
and the action is at the back
in the back seats yeh!
We are the back-seat boys,
back-seat people
in back seats.
Back seats are
The best seats
are back seats
for back-seat kids and kids from the back seats. Yeh!

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