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Ballinglen Arts Centre


On Tuesday all of the senior room went to Ballinglen Art Centre and Céide fields. We were gone all day!
The bus ride was scary going round the cliffs at Céide and the sea was really wild! First we went to the Ballinglen Arts Centre! A lady called Nuala welcomed us. We all hung up our coats and went down to the art room. Everyone brought a picture and an object. I brought a trophy and a picture of me and Big Ben!
Nuala gave us all a pencil and a gold/silver piece of paper! She told us to put waves in the picture because of the really wild waves we saw. So I drew a picture of me holding my trophy and a river behind me! Then I got a scratcher and scratched over all the lines. I had to go in the queue to put ink on my picture. It finally came to me! I used red ink! It came out really well in the printer and I was very happy with it!
We went to have lunch and then we went to look at some studios. Then we went to some studios, we went to an English lady’s studio first but all her work was packed up because she was leaving! The second studio had an American lady in it! She like to use different tools and colours. Her art was very nice. We said thanks to Nuala, and left to go home!
We had a very good day! I really enjoyed my day!! 😃😃😃😃😝😝😝🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟✨✨✨😹😹😹👹👹
By Ailish
ballinglen 2

On Tuesday, 20th of October, our big classroom took a visit to Céide Fields and Ballinglen Arts Centre!
First of all, we went to the Ballinglen Arts Centre in the middle of Ballycastle town. A kind woman took us down to the art room and showed us how to print photos that we brought with us. I brought a photo of me and my older sister Megan when we were younger! Firstly, we drew the picture on a gold piece of paper and then scraped into the lines that we drew. Then, we got our photos. After, we went over to a machine that you carefully lay your scraped photo on, put a soft piece of paper over it and turned the handle around until it went over the photo then we lifted it up and it came out really well! Then a woman showed us different paintings by different artists who have visited there before and they were wonderful!

My finished picture 😊🙊
Then, we headed to Céide Fields, situated beside St.Patrick Head and the huge cliffs overlooking the sea! Céide Fields is a triangular shaped building. Firstly, we sat comfortably in the movie area and watched a programme on Céide Fields history. Then we headed to outside at the back and the constructor told us a few bits of history, but, it started raining so we had to rush inside. She showed us around and there was models of people working in the olden days. It was very interesting!

Thats everything we done that day! It was an enjoyable day and I would love to go to both them places again! Thanks for reading, see you in my next post!
BY April

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