Scary Halloween Story by Amy

“Trick or treat!” Shouted Ellie, Alison and Sarah. It was Halloween night and all the children ages two to twelve years of age were out in costumes hunting for sweets. Ellie was dressed up as a zombie, Alison was dressed up as a vampire and Sarah was dressed up as a werewolf. “Oh how scary you girls look tonight!” Said Mrs.Smith, an elderly lady who lived close by. “Have you collected many sweets yet?”. “Not yet” Replied Alison. ” But we’re working on it, this is only our first house!”. “Oh dear, we’ll you girls better get on with it! A handful of sweets for the zombie, a handful of sweets for the vampire and last but certainly not least a handful of sweets for the werewolf too!”. “Thank you!!” Shouted all three girls at once as they skipped off happily to the next house. Suddenly the bright full moon came out from behind the clouds. Sarah stopped to stare at the bright moon. Once Alison and Ellie realised that she had stopped they ran back to get her. “Why did you stop Sarah” asked Ellie. “Is something wrong?”. ” No, but, guys! Look at the full moon!”. “We’re looking at it! It’s just the same full moon that there is every other night” snapped Alison angrily. “No! It’s not! There’s something strange and magical about it! It’s really spooky!” protested Sarah. ” It’ s a bit strange I guess but come on! All the sweets will be gone soon and we’ve barley started!” Exclaimed Ellie, and so the three girls walked off to the next house but before they got too far Sarah took a backwards glance to make sure everything would be alright. Everything looked to be ok but there was something in the air that made Sarah doubt herself…..

Once the girls had done all the neighbourhood and were just about to turn around the stopped to take a break. “Uhhh! These fake fangs are so sore! I have to take them out!” Cried Alison. She tugged at her fangs to get them out but the wouldn’t come out! They were her actual teeth! ” OWWWWW!” Cried Alison. ” They aren’t coming off!”. Sarah felt her hairband which was decorated to look like a werewolf’s ears. It wasn’t a hair and anymore, they were her actual ears!! A frightened Ellie used the bottom of her t-shirt to wipe her facepaint off, but like the other girls, it wasn’t coming off! “AHHHHHHH!!”screamed all the girls. “WE’RE TURNING INTO MONSTERRSS!!!”. “I bet this has something to do with the full moon! I told you something was strange!” Shouted Sarah. “Well its your fault that we all turned into monsters! We would have never looked at the full moon if you hadn’t made us look!” Roared Alison. “Guys! Stop fighting! I think it would be better to find a cure than to waste our time fighting! Who’s with me?!” Cried Ellie. “I guess we are” shrugged Sarah and Alison to each other.

“Now what do we do first!?” Questioned Alison. “I have no idea!” Answered Ellie. “How about we head to my house and think of a plan?” Wondered Sarah. “My parents aren’t at home”. “OK” agreed Ellie and Alison as they began to walk down the streets. Suddenly the ground started to shake. The girls could tell it was the troublemakers that are out every Halloween night egging houses and making a mess of the place. Ellie looked at her watch. It said 2am on it. It was dangerous to be out at this time of night, even for three eleven year old girls. The girls ran into an alley-way which was the worst thing that they could have done! Six teenagers began to crowd up on them! All they could do was scream! Sarah even began to howl like a werewolf! The place began to blur for Sarah! She thought she was going to die!!

All of a sudden Sarah woke up! She was in her bedroom safe and sound! Sarah picked up her phone on her table to check the date and time. It said October 31st, 9:30am! Sarah began to cry because she was happy and sad. Happy because she and her friends were safe but she was sad because she left a sack full of sweets behind in her dream!!!

The End!
By Amy

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