Lava lamps #SciWk2014 (Step 1 : Materials)

Today, the 14th of November 2014, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class made lava lamps. We started it off by being divided into two groups, the first group would fill their plastic bottles half full with water. The second group would do the same things as the first except instead of water they would fill the bottles with oil.Once that was done we got into our other groups, (the ones for making the lava lamps). Some of us weren’t in groups and some of us were. then the bottles that had oil in them put in water and the bottles that had water in them put oil in the bottles. The oil came to the top of the bottle and the water sank to the bottom.Then everyone put food colouring into the bottles. We had a choice of red, green and blue food colouring. I put in green food colouring. Afterwards some of us put in 1 an Alka Seltzer and let the lava lamps settle while we were out at break. After break the people who didn’t put in an Alka Seltzer put in two of them so they could see how it worked on their bottles. It’s very handy that when we didn’t have the Alka Seltzer we could just turn the bottle upside down and it worked the same way it just didn’t work for as long. It was really cool to see that we could make our own lava lamps with oil, water and food colouring instead of buying a lava lamp!

By Amy

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