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n our school we have have an active team. An active team is basically pupils of our school that form a team to encourage everyone to be active.
How they get on the team, you’er thinking? Well everyone that wants to be on the active team makes a small presentation on why they would be the perfect person to be on it.
I had some tough competition this year because everyone in our school is so talented!!! When everyone had their presentations presented, we all had to vote. The best thing is that you can vote for yourself!!! I guess you’re thinking if everyone could vote for themselves, it would all be a draw. Actually people that did not want to be on it would vote for somebody else 😃.
This year the people that got the most votes were Orla, Ailish, Liam, Eve, Hannah, Siobhan and myself. I was delighted that I would be part of the team. We’re now in the process of making lots of different games for our new playground and are keeping up with trying to make our school even more active!!
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From Sophie’s Blog

If you want to be on our Active Team you have to………….. Prove to everyone that you are active and have lots of great ideas!
We all make a presentation about ‘How to be active’, ‘How I am active’ and also ‘How to be healthy’!! You must show that you are committed and a good person to have on the team!
I told everyone what extra curricular I did outside school, and that I’m a fit and healthy girl!! Everyone gave really good presentations this year! Once everyone was done and had presented their presentations, we voted! This year Orla, Siobhán , Eve, Hannah, Sophie, Liam & I, got on the active team, because we proved that we are active and the right people to have on the team!!!!
What we do: – We have a meeting every so often to see if everything at break is ok, and if we need to change any games we’ll try to. – Clear the yard after break. – We make up games for the printed playground And that’s how you get on the Inver “ACTIVE TEAM!”

From Ailish’s blog

We decided to be an Active schools this year. Every one who wanted to be on the active schools team did a slide show on their iPads to show why they should be on active team. When they finished we put it on the big board.
We each voted. We got a piece of paper and wrote who did the best slideshow.
Now the people who got on the active schools team organise a fair way to play at break and set up active activities.
From Abby’s Blog

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