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100 Word challenge


We are working on the 100 Word Challenge at This week’s challenge was to write 100 words about the photograph below.

Here are some of our early entries:


An unusual brick sofa is sitting there alone. Dusty leaves lie in its corners making it look like an ancient artefact from long ago. The colour of the chair reminds me of a midnight sky with its purple and dark blue colour. It’s swirly designs on each arm makes it look 3D. Tassels hang from the bottom touching the ground so that the ends are all tattered and dusty. A cat is chiseled into the sofa and sits on the top, sleeping. I don’t know would the sofa be comfortable because I’ve never sat on such a mysterious sofa… YET!!!
From Sophie’s Blog

lice strolled down a hidden path she had discovered with her kitten, Delilah. The young girl had her head in the air, appreciating the warm summer breeze which was blowing at her back. She then looked down to see Delilah skipping down the path with her little eyes closed. Suddenly the kitten came face to face with a stone bench. “How peculiar!” Thought Alice. They were tired so they sat down. “Look Delilah! A stone cat!”. Alice outstretched her hand. The cat hissed and Alice jumped back in fright. She banged her head on the bench and was rendered unconscious…
from Amy’s Blog

Sebastian and his friend Tom went for a walk down a dark, gloomy alley. It was hard to see, they were debating about who was better at soccer when suddenly Tom banged his foot off something rock hard!

There was a flickering street lamp and Sebastian thought he’d seen a sofa!!! He asked Tom if he could also see this mysterious sofa! Tom had seen it too!

The boys sat down on this sofa whiles Tom checked his toes, they were swollen, but Tom decided he wouldn’t tell his Mum about it! The boys returned every night to this mysterious sofa…….

from Amy’s Blog

I was walking in the dark forest with my friends as
we planned to build a fort somewhere along
the tall trees. One of the girls spotted a secret
entrance that, surprisingly, we never spotted
before. As we crept
through the bushes my eyes lit up with delight
as I saw a huge area with a gorgeous path and
beautiful rows of flowers.
I turned around and there I saw
an unusual chair… Not just a normal chair, it
was mysterious …kind of like it had its own story
behind it. But why was it hidden away in the
From Lisa’s blog

The old woman was walking down the lane when she saw the blue stone sofa on the side of the road.It was glistening in the boiling hot sun. She sat down and relaxed on the warm chair and admired the trees behind her blowing in the wind. She heard the rustling of the leaves scattering around.The smell of nature was amazing. She noticed the fantastic designs on the sofa. It was just like a work of art. It looked so realistic with all the patterns. She was enjoying sitting down in the sunlight so she stayed sitting for another while.

from Ava’s Blog

I put on my ragged old jacket as I thought: ‘Why has it rained so much?’ I walked outside and saw an old cat through the trees. I watched and walked towards it but it ran. I stopped, it ran on to a big stony concrete object. I walked towards it and it became much clearer. I stood in front to examine what was a couch. It looked as if it was soft but hard too, in a way. I reached out to it. I felt it slightly move. Everything around me turned to stone. What had happened? I wonder…
from Siobhan’s Blog

It was a frosty morning and I went to meet my friends in the park. When I was walking, I passed an old couch. It looked hard and it had leaves on it. It had an old pattern on it. So when I met my friends I told them what I saw and I showed them the old couch. We sat down on the couch to have a rest. It was too hard so we just kept walking. At the evening I walked back to my friends house. When I returned to my house I saw the couch again.
from Grace’s blog

This couch may look soft but it’s not. You can see there is a cat on the back of the couch. This couch is hard. It looks like it is made of marble or stone. I think it is made of stone. The part you sit on looks soft but it’s not. There are a lot of trees and leaves around the couch and there are trees are behind the couch. The bottom looks real too. There is something black on the bottom. I wonder what that could be? It looks comfortable too. I would bring it in if it were not hard.
from John’s Blog

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