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Talent Show


On Friday the 20th of March wich is today there will be a Talent Show hosted in our community centre. There is going to be lots of acts participating from our school. I will be preforming an Irish Dance with my friend Rosaleen. Our whole dance is all cheographed by ourselves so we’ve beem practicing for a long time now!!! I will also be performing another Irish Dance called the Slip Jig with my other friend Roísín!!! I’m kind of nervous but excited at the same time.😉😳

All of our room will be playing instruments to Bellringers Polka and will be singing and playing The Rattlin Bog. The children from the Junior Classroom be singing a song called Bone Constructer and will also be playing and singing Twinkle Little Star.

There’s lots of dancing, singing and even acting wich I’m so excited to see. Hopefully there will be a few acts from parents and other people from outside the school. There will also be a raffle and refreshments there wich is really good. Hopefully I could win something in the raffle!!!😂

I think having a Talent Show is such a good idea to showcase your talent. Now that we’re having a Talent Show everyone can see all of the different talents that everyone have. Like everyone can see that Orla,Lisa and April can sing, Amy April and Ava can act, and that Lisa and Ava can Irish Dance and lots more.

Why not organise a Talent Show in your community to show everyone your talents? 👍

From Sophie’s Blog


onight there is a talent show in our local community centre and all the children from Inver N.S are going to take part in it. There will be dancing, singing, acting and more! It is going to be great, I am really looking forward to it! ☺️

I am taking part in 2 acts. I am going to be singing a song called ‘ Riptide’ with April and Orla and I am going to be doing an Irish dance with Ava.😆😋 I am both nervous and excited! 😝 Also, all of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class are going to be playing our instruments and singing.

We are going to do two tunes: ‘Rattlin Bog’ and ‘ Bell Ringers Polka’ It’s going to be really good 👌 Hopefully all of us will have a great night, full of excitment and fun! 👍

Good luck everyone!!! 👏👏👏

From Lisa’s Blog

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