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100 Word Challenge Week #28



This week 100 Word Challenge is based on a photograph. It was taken at Cardiff Bay in Wales.
Let’s see how creative we can be!

It was a bright, sunny Sunday and Callum, Clouda & their dog Piper were lazing about in the warm, summer sunshine. Piper was absolutely restless! Callum had promised and swore himself, Piper & Clouda could go out to the glistening blue lake! “I cant wait to paddle around in the refreshing water!” Piper barked. Clouda put down her sunglasses and stared at the impatient dog. “Ok, we’ll go now!” So the family rushed to the lake to entertain the distressed dog.

The water was cool and perfect for Piper to drink and paddle in!

An artist, then froze the moment. 👧👦🐶
From Siobhán’s Blog

I just got off the tour bus that was showing us around Great Britain. I gasped when I looked at my watch. It was 3:15pm. I needed to eat something because I had a meeting later. I sprinted over to the delightful Supermacs. On my way over there, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. It was three statues. The woman was sitting on the black railing pointing at the fantastic views. The man was staring at the beautiful woman. Something about those statues made me scared so I ran over to my mom to tell her!
From Ava’s Blog

I went on holiday with my family to Cardiff, Wales. We all were looking at the statue and suddenly it moved and I was transported back to olden times. Everything looked strange! People were dressed differently. There was no cars. People were cycling on bicycles and there were horses and traps going along the sea front.

There were strange noises and people were using strange words. I asked someone what year it was. They said “The war is over! We are celebrating and the year is 1945″. I started to panic without my mobile phone. I heard someone saying “Wake up!”
From Seamus’ Blog

here was this statue that was in Wales. Nobody knew who built it and who it was. All they knew was that it was so beautiful. There were thousands of people every day who came up from all over the world to see this statue of a girl, a man and a dog. This was so amazing. Kids use to come and climb on it. I wounder if it was made for them? Maybe they dies years ago and are remembered by many? I really hope that people find out who this statue is of. I really love this interesting statue.

From Shauna’s Blog

I was looking at the statue wondering what the lady was holding and who is the man and why is she pointing. Then I heard a voice. “What do you want? What are you looking at?”

I looked behind me but no one was there. I was frightened. The lady who was a statue went over to me and shook my hand. Then, she looked at my hand. It was full of paint. Then I realised she wasn’t real. I asked her lots of questions and she answered them.

Then she went back being a street artist and scaring other children.
From Abby’s Blog

One sunny Friday morning, Mary said,”Paddy, I will meet you after work and we will go for a meal and afterwards we can go for a walk along Cardiff bay”.

That evening Mary dressed up in her lovely fancy clothes and high heels. After a beautiful meal, they set to walk along the bay. Mary said “My shoes are hurting me!!!”. Paddy said “Let’s take a rest here and enjoy the view!”

Mary pointed across the bay and says to Paddy, “Isn’t this the most wonderful view in all of Cardiff?”.
Paddy totally agreed with what Mary had said.
From Orla’s Blog
This week our family went to Cardiff, to watch Tottenham play Cardiff. When we were going to the match we saw a statue. The statue was of a man and a women with a dog having a conversation. It was very cool. I called it the “Statue of Cardiff”.

After the match we went back to it. I noticed that the women wasn’t wearing any shoes, she had them in her hand. The man was wearing a suit and the women was wearing a dress with a necklace. The statue was my favourite thing in Cardiff. It was awesome at Cardiff.
From Jack’s Blog

Once upon a time there was a little girl and her dad. They were walking into town to get the newspaper in the post office but the post office was at the other side of the town. So they walked into town. They walked for one hour at great speed, then they arrived. They took a look at the view.

Then they went to the post office and got the paper. Then they set off back to their house in Wales , for a lovely cup of tea and a read of the paper and then it was time for them to go.
From Liam’s Blog

As we walked along the shore, I peeped over and saw the ducks pecking at the dirty pieces of bread! Sam barked at the ducks and tried to chase them away.

My brother and I went on all the rides and we went for a walk afterwards. We were watching all the fishing boats park up at the dock, suddnely a HUGE black ship was heading into the dock for the night, and I pointed, my jaw dropped with awe as I saw how big it was!

Everyone gathered around, wondering where this ship was from, but nobody knew! Mysterious?
From Kian’s Blog

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