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Maths Trail (Step 4 Maths)


Last week all of the Senior Class did an outdoor/indoor Maths Trail.

We were split into groups of threes and fours. In my group there was myself, Siobhán and Rosaleen. We were Goup 2.

Everyone got a measuring tape and a sheet with pencils on it.

We (my group) started on Question 1, which said to measure the width of the front door.

Some of the questions were quite  easy: measuring from the front door to the gate, for example.

We had to estimate all of  the questions before we answered them for real.

Once we answered all the questions we ran to the teacher for her to correct it but we got one of the questions wrong so we corrected it and brought it back to the teacher.

We came second! Amy’s team cam first!

By Ailish





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