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Presenting science work to everyone ( Step 5)



Recently, we had a science day. Both the Junior and Senior room did some experiments and presented them to on a another. It was a really fun.

In my group there was Ava, April, Orla, Lisa and I. Our experiment was an ‘Errupting Volcano.’ Some the other experiments were called ‘Foamy Fountain’ ‘Dancing Raisins’ and loads more!

When it was our turn we, introduced the act, introduced the ingredients, and then we asked a few questions. We added the vinegar to the volcano first, the the red food colouring and then we added the baking soda and the volcano erupted! It was like red lava! Everyone liked this experiment! The scientific message was that when Baking soda and Vinegar are mixed it causes a chemical reaction causing it to erupt like a volcano!

My favourite experiment was the optical illusion! This was Grace and Roisin’s experiment. I thought it was brilliant. You had to look at the board for 20 seconds and then look at Grace’s head, and it either shrunk or grew! Everyone laughed!

Also my favourite one from the Junior room was called ‘Lung capacity.’ They needed a volunteer and they picked me! So I went up top the experiment table and kneeled down. I had to blow into a straw and the water in the bottle was being forced out and however much was left would show how fit I was.

I enjoyed all of the experiments and I had a great day!
(From Ailish’s blog)


For the last few days we have been doing some science experiments. Yesterday we did them in front of the Junior class and some parents. There was so many great experiments. In my group was Ava, Orla, Ailish, April and myself. We were doing a volcano!

To make the volcano we used a bin bag and some play doh, and inside it we put a bottle. We filled the bottle up half way with vinegar and then put a cap of red food colouring in to make it look like lava. We then put 2 tea spoons of baking soda in and next thing it irrupted. All the junior class were amazed and really enjoyed it.

The reason why it exploded was because as the vinegar and the baking soda mix, it causes it to fizz, which made it burst up to the top of the bottle.

By Lisa


Yesterday we did science experiments. Grace and I did optical illusion with the students and the parents. When I said to look at the board for 20 seconds and when the time is up look at Graces head. Everyone was so shocked when they seen Graces head Got bigger. Then everyone’s eyes went funny and twisted. Sorry guys!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😆😆😆😆.
From Róisín’s Blog

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