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Sand Sculptures


Yesterday we went down to Peadar’s Beach to make lovely sand sculptures with all of the students in our room.

I was in a group with Abby,Grace,Róisín,Siobhan,Rosaleen and myself. We decided to do all individual people which looked really cool when we had finished. Everyone added their own different accessories so they weren’t all the same thing!

I used stones beautiful for my eyes, nose and mouth. I used seaweed for the hair and I used black plastic for the belt,

The boys made a class rock pool, Aoibhe and Eve made a brilliant village and Shauna and Hannah made a really cool fish.

I really enjoyed my day at the beach and I would love to do it again sometime!
By Sophie (From Sophie’s blog

On Wednesday my class built sand sculptures down on the beach. We went in groups and in my group was Sophie, Rosaleen, Abby, Róisìn and myself. We had a 30 minute timer. My group did girls on the beach. I used seaweed for the hair, a black bag for a swimming suit and I fought a flower for the hair. It was good fun😋 I enjoyed making sand sculptures😉

From Grace’s Blog

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“Sand Sculptures”

  1. October 10th, 2015 at 6:26 pm       Orla Ginty Says:

    Looks like ye had a great time down Peadar’s 🙂

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