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We are Writers!




     We Are Writers!

Before the summer holidays, Scholastic which are a book publishing company, both in Ireland, and worldwide, asked our teachers would all of our school be interested in writing a story, poem, rhyme to be published in a book. Of course the teachers where delighted to be able to give us the chance to have our own story in a book!I was so excited and didn’t know where to start! Sure enough everyone started to brainstorm on what there piece of writing would be about. I decided to do my book about a little girl that finds her dream horse called “Dreamer”. It came out really well and I was proud! It took a few weeks to finish but I did it! When everyone had finished we all pasted it into the “We Are Writers” website. We then waited to see our stories be transformed into one big book.Sure enough last week the book arrived. It was soo cool. I literally felt butterflies in my stomach at the thought of showing all of my family and friends what I had achieved. I’m sure everyone felt that way! Another school close by also had all of there stories in it too. They were also very good!The “We Are Writers” book will now be on sale at our book fair this month so that we can buy it and show all our families. I am now really proud to that I am a WRITER!!!

During the summer holidays Scholastic asked the teachers do they want to write a book for another book. So the book will be called We Are Writers!!!!. My story is called ‘The Mean Princess’.Another school is doing it with us too and their school is called Shraigh School. Their books are in there too and they are AMAZING!!!! It is out in the book fair this year and I can not wait TO BUY IT!!!!.The End!!!
By Hannah.
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“We are Writers!”

  1. November 12th, 2015 at 2:34 pm       Róisín Says:

    Well done girls! I can’t wait to buy it.!!!!

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