Seachtain Eolaíochta ~ Science Week 2015 S5

Today we did science experiments at school for science week. We showed our experiments to everyone in the school. My experiment was a Coke and Mentos explosion.
The ingredients included a bottle of coke, a bottle of water and a packet of Mentos.

First I got the water and put a Mento in. Nothing happened because there was no gas inside the water.
When I put a Mento in the Coke, it fizzed up and Coke came right out of the top of the bottle and when I put another Mento in it exploded again!
Scientific message is that the Coke has gas inside the bottle and the water doesn’t and the dimples on the mentos mixed with it and caused CO2 bubbles to form and when it hits the bottom it explodes out of the bottle.

I really enjoyed science week and my experiment this year👍🏻.

By Kian
From Kian’s Blog

Sophie did an amazing experiment called balloon rocket. She got a balloon, a straw, scissors and a long piece of string. Then she got the long piece of string and blu-tacked one end of the string to the wall and the other piece to the other wall. Then she put it through the straw. She then she sellotaped the balloon to the straw and let it go. It went so fast. 🎈✨

By Abby

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