World Book Day 2016


We had so much fun on World book Day. The children decided to take the day off and sent their favourite character to school instead. We had Little Red Riding Hoods Grandmother who was just about recovered after her misadventure with the big bad wolf. Snow White and the other princesses hit it off straight away and have promised to keep in touch! My Superheroes were a great help throughout the day and lunch was extra special as it was freshly cooked by Linguini from Ratatouille. He even brought along his special friend Remy! We were all pretty impressed with how chirpy Little Bo Beep was considering she is still awaiting the return of her sheep. The farmers have promised to keep a look out for them. Iris brought her lion but she has obviously trained him really well as he was on his best behaviour. Miley was very humble considering her celebrity status. Luigi was a little shy at first and missed his brother Mario but by the end of the day he had made lots of new friends. Cinderella did not do a tap all day, as she was fed up of all the hard work at home. She had a deserved rest and took lots of advice from the princesses on what to wear to her next ball. It was wonderful having all of these characters visit for the day and I must say they really showed their cleverness when they participated in our World Book Day Interactive Quiz!

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