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Katie ó Údaras um Shábháilteacht ar Bhóithre (RSA)



Tháining Katie ón RSA ar cuairt chugainn cúpla lá sin. Bhí sí ag insint duinn conas a bheith slán ar an mbóthar. D’fhoghlam muid go leor rudaí uaith, mar shampla:

Always wear your seatbelt in the car.
Always wear your helmet when cycling.
Don’t use your phone while driving.
Don’t distract the driver while there driving.
Wear your hi-viz jacket while out walking.
Always walk on the right side of the road while walking.
by Sophie
Wear your seatbelt properly or it could cut your arm off.
Keep your eyes n the road not your phone.
Don’t get distracted by anything while driving.
Always expect the unexpected.
Look before you cross the road.
Wear your protective gear
By Kian
Always tighten your seatbelt or else you will crash and the airbag will break your nose.
Never take out your phone when your driving or cycling because you might seriously hurt yourself by Jack

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