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Science and Engineering Workshop (Step 1)


Declan the Scientist and Engineer



Last Tuesday a man called Declan came into our school to do science experiments and some engineerign with us.( I am not going to name them all but I will name my favourites.)

The first thing he did was to make two Hot Air Balloons. For the first one he used a toaster, a cardboard box and a plastic bag. He placed the carboard box around the toaster and then placed the plastic bag on top of the carboard box. He then turned on the toaster and the plastic bag went flying into the air because the toasted heated the air and the air rose up bringing the plastic bag with it.

The next one was used with one of those fancy teabags. He lit it as it went on fire it went flying into the air and burned out. It was really cool. (He had done a lot more but i cannot remember them all.)

Once he had done about tmakeen experiments in Muinteoir Debrah’s class with us he came up to our room to a rolleracoaster. The reason he didnt do it in Muinteoir Debrah’s class was because the Junior and Senoir infants had to go home and it would be too hard for 1st and 2nd.

When we started the rollercoaster it was coming out really cool. When we were nearly done it was time to go home so Muinteoir Marín said we could finish it in the morning. But to our amazment the tower was down on the ground. It must have fallen in the middle of the night but anyways it was a lot of fun.

My favourite thing was probably the rollercoaster. I really enjoyed Declans visit and I am very sad that he won’t be coming for another year… and I won’t be there :-(.
The End
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On Wednesday Declan came to our school. He did experiments with us.

The first one he did was with a big air balloon. He got a plastic bag and put it on a toaster the it flew right up into the sky. He also got a gourmet tea bag the made a 3D cuboid with it and lit it on fire and it flew in the sky too.

He also got a light. It was called an ultra violet light. When you shine it on some paper money, it can tell if money is real or not.

After he was finished he came up to our classroom and made a paper rollercoster but sadly it collapsed. Maybe we will get to make it again some day!

We had a great time with Declan and we hope he comes back again.
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On Tuesday a scientist called Declan came to our school to a show with us all kinds of things to do with science and engineering.

First he showed us how the earth moves around the sun and the four seasons. He then showed us two hot air balloons. He did lots more experiments with us but my favourite was the balloon race. Six people went up (three at a time) got a balloon and aimed for the window. Then they let go to make the balloon go.

When the juniors went home, the senior classes started to construct a paper rollercoaster. We made a skyscraper out of plastic beams and paper to hold it and stuck the together with duct tape. We the started to make the track out of paper. We added funnels and spirals to make it cooler. At 3’o’ clock we had it half done. But when we came into school the next day it was on the floor. It must have fallen over during the night- but we wil have another go!

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