Some wonders in our country, what makes these places unique? Learning Circle submission to Fatemeh-Iran Projectr

Standing Stones (or menhirs)

Behind Siobhan’s house there is a circle of standing stones said to be from an old Irish tale telling the story of Grainne and Diarmuid

It starts with Fionn, (fyunn) a great warrior and leader of an old legend warrior gang,
His wife dies so he asks Grainne’s (grawn yah!) (a princess who was said to be the most beautiful girl in Ireland)  father for her hand in marriage.

Dhiarmuid was cursed by a old druid with a love spot. He hid it under his cap. The love spot made anyone who looked at it fall deeply in love with the

Fionn then invites them to his castle for a banquet in Grainne’s honour.
There Grainne meets the members of Fionns club including a man called Diarmuid (deer mud).
In the middle of the banquet two of Fionns dogs started to fight and Dhiarmuid jumped down from his chair to stop them.
While he done that his cap fell off and Grainne saw it. Immediately after she fell in love with Dhiarmuid.
During the banquet she kept quiet but after she told Diarmuid that she loved him.
Grainne told him that she wanted to run away with him and not marry Fionn.
Grainne said she would escape through the workers exit but Diarmuid decided to fight his way out ( at this point Fionn realised that grainne and Diarmuid were running away and he was mad)
Diarmuid vaulted over the castle wall away from Fionn and his friends. He met up with Grainne in the forest and it is said where they slept for the night they laid standing stones, they were always on the run from fionn.

By Hannah and Siobhán.

I have some interesting stones near my house. The stones are behind my shed.

Local legend say that these stones were tombs.These tombs are behind my shed.

Originally the were shaped like a table but the stones fell down a good few years ago.

The  name in Irish is ‘Cloch Bhreac’ which means ‘spotted stone’.

My family say the the Giants buried people down in the tomb. They say the Giants put their hand prints on the stone and you can still see the marks on them!

By Kyle

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