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Active Week Homework 2019

Squat for 30 seconds.

Repeat x 3

Play Tag/Catch Dance to your Favourite song with your whole Family 20 Bum kicks

Repeat x 1


Do 10 mins of Housework-

Sweep floor/Hoover/tidy up toys…

Play football with someone High Knees for 30 seconds

Repeat x 3


Plank for 30 seconds


Repeat x 1 remember;Bums Down!!


10 Burpees




Dance- Shoe The Donkey with your Family

Go for a walk with someone Jog on the spot for 30 seconds.

Repeat x 3


Cycle your bike


10 Get ups (no hands!)


Go for a Scoot!

Do a brain break dance  

Go for a gentle jog

15 Jumping Jacks

Repeat x 2

Create your own Obstacle course- Use your imagination! Have Fun!  

Your Choice_____________

Active Schools Week Homework 2019

Choose 1-3 activities each night during Active week. Colour as you go – a different colour for each day!. Have lots of fun!

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