October 13

Maths Week – Puzzle no 2

Space Mission

A rocket blasts off from Earth heading for Mars, getting faster as it travels. In fact, the rocket’s speed doubles every week that it’s in space. If the rocket lands on Mars in week 12, in which week was it halfway there?  Heads together everyone!!


Well done  to everyone who tried to work yesterday’s problem out. The first correct answer came from Ray, Alex and Chris Coyle’s family. Well done!!

Solution to Puzzle No 1


You can see that Amy (in the red jumper) will have a total of 3 handshakes: one with Liam, one with Samira and one with Luke.

Liam has already shaken hands with Amy so he will have two more handshakes: one with Samira and one with Luke.

Samira will have already shaken hands with Amy and Liam so she will only have one more handshake with Luke.

Luke, at this stage, will have shaken hands with everyone in the group.

There will be a total of six handshakes for four people.

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