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25th-29th January 2021


Here are the boys and girls from Rang a haon, Rang a Dó agus Rang a Trí who had another fun filled week of Distance Learning.

On Monday the children did some optional Mindful Monday work where they used markers and kitchen paper to make designs while playing some mindful music in the background. Look at these fantastic creations.  Who knew kitchen paper had more uses than one!

The boys and girls in Second Class created some drawings with shadow work using various dinosaurs and toys around their house to link in with their English story Dinosaur Dash. Look below to check out some amazing  talent.

The boys and girls in Third Class created a rainbow fish drawing linking in with their English Story about The Rainbow Fish. Look at the brilliant creations below. Those colourful scales are beautiful.

Some of the boys are girls went for walks on the beach, found some sea rods and seaweed, made their names in the sand and splashed in the water. Others drove on their go-kart, helped blow up the balloons and do decorations for their brother’s birthdays and cycled around.

There were lots of boys and girls super busy farming and building helping out around the house. Brilliant helpers. Other children made a science experiment, did lots of PE aswell as playing with cool aqua beads and find mini ‘ice bergs’!!

Such a fun week and these are only some of the fun things happening at home.

Another wonderful week. Well done everybody. 🙂


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