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St. Brigid’s Day 2021


The boys and girls in the Middle Room were very busy making St. Brigid’s Day crosses, her cloak patterns and drawing images of the King and making his sword and shield. They listened to the story of St. Brigid and about her cloak.

People believed St Brigid crossed through the land on the eve of her feast day and gave blessings and protection to homes and farms where crosses were hung in her honour.

Families would recite prayers, bless the rushes or straw with holy water and then each make the crosses. They would hang them over the door and around the home to welcome St Brigid. Many households kept the cross each year in the under-thatch of the house and you could tell how old a house was or how long the family had lived there by the number of crosses in the roof!

Nowadays some of these traditions still live on.

Well done boys and girls on fantastic work.

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