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💥💥Junior Room💥💥 March 8th -12th


How fast the week goes by! We learned and wrote about St. Patrick and we were predicting and measuring in Maths using our balances . We had fun making our special clay hearts for the moms and we continue to work on our mom questionnaire which was very amusing. Let’s just say some of the mom’s are a lot older than they say according to the boys and girls and their talents are cooking, washing dishes and giving hugs!! When asked when mom was most beautiful the general consensus was ‘All the time!’ as well as when she smiles and when she is going to a wedding! How cute! We starting practising ‘shoe the donkey’ for PE and we can continue to practise this at home too. We had plenty of reading in groups, wholeclass and individually. Keep up the reading every night and revision of tricky words/phonics sounds as I can see the benefit in class . Well done everyone! D. Tyrrell

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