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😊😊Junior Room 😊😊April 26th – 29th


Another week that went by too quickly! We were on ‘mission tadpole rescue‘ on Monday, when we discovered the little tadpoles we met last week were in danger of drying up.😮  We decided to take a quick trip down Peadar’s road 🚀to add water💦💦 to their little puddle. This tied the tadpoles over until the rain came.  We have been learning about the frog lifecycle in science but this little mission got us chatting about the water cycle also!  We will continue to monitor the growth of our new friends and help them out when necessary! In PE we worked on our individual balance poses🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️ as well as partner poses. We had a brief minibeast hunt 🐛🐌🦟with our magnifying glasses. This topic of minibeasts is of great interest to the children so we will plan to explore this further over the coming 2 weeks.  This week we  also celebrated our 3rd Active Flag award🎉🎉.( See earlier post. ) D Tyrrell

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