Junior Room📕📘 May 4th -7th 📗📒

Check out our pictures below to get an insight into our busy classroom. We are continuing to progress with our phonics, our reading and our blending .We are using strategies such as chunking  to help us identify parts or words. When reading at home children can be little detectives and try to see if they can find smaller words within words. Lots of fun!  We had fun finding tricky words and sight words with our magnifying glasses and recorded these on our mini whiteboards! We enjoyed learning all about the lifecycle of the frog and practised our cutting skills as a summary sequencing activity on the topic. PE focus is still Gymnastics and we had fun practising log rolls, pencil rolls , balance and travelling using various body movements..leaping like a frog, bear crawls etc Our fundamental movement skills were walking and jumping (2 feet to 2 feet). In Maths we are all the time incorporating play into developing our maths skills- addition ,subtraction and recording of both.  We are working on the topic of time and had lots of fun doing our time challenges within the class. We are revising the order of the days of week( using language of before, after , in between), Months of year (which is a challenging one) also and will move onto using our small clocks next week. In SPHE we completed topic 1  where we explored the many feelings we can experience and how to deal with situations where we feel unsafe.  The boys and girls are all doing so well with their dictation. They should be very proud of themselves. 😊😁 D. Tyrrell


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