🌟🌟Junior Room – May 24th -28th🌟🌟

This week we worked on Data in Maths as well as number activities for addition and subtraction and telling half past on the clock .

We are enjoying monitoring the growth of our baby caterpillars. We have noticed the webbing and the shedding which is a good sign. We studied the life cycle of the butterfly in Science and learning ‘Did you know?’ facts as we go along. We also did step by step drawing and labelled the parts of our own butterfly. We finished our topic of ‘Secrets and Telling’ in Stay Safe (SPHE) and next week we will work on our final topic of ‘Strangers’. The children have been working so hard on their writing and I can see huge improvements each week.

We had a little stroll down Peadar’s road to check on our little friends, the tadpoles,  and we discovered 2 of them had transformed into froglets. D.Tyrrell


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