🌟🌟Junior Room – June 8th – 11th🌟🌟

This week we learned about Myths and Legends. Our focus was The salmon of Knowledge. The children responded to the story through drawing which was also our focus in Art. See drawing below of The salmon of Knowledge and Underwater Scene. Each one unique just like ourselves!

Our chrysalides have now been transferred to their butterfly garden and we are waiting patiently for the exciting moment of emergence! This stage is called Metamorphosis (the stage between the caterpillar and the Butterfly).

We had fun exploring our topic of Capacity in Maths and we also explored addition of odd numbers and even numbers. I wonder who can remember what secrets we discovered when adding odd and odds? even and even? and odd and even numbers?

Senior infants blew our socks off this week with their Léamh Gaeilge. The Junior infants were so impressed that rated them with top marks!!

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