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Middle Room✨✨ Nov 15th-Dec 3rd ✨✨


Here is snippet from the past 3 weeks in the middle room.

We have been learning about Alexander Graham Bell and phones in History. We have started to move onto Explanation writing (oral at first) and we learned/explained  Why it rains? (The water Cycle) in Geography. Everyone is working hard on written presentation and there is a huge improvement all round. I hope all the boys and girls are proud of themselves👌

The children enjoyed the strand of Drawing and their Still life fruit bowls are so unique and beautiful. This week the children made and decorated a little clay decoration for the crann nollaig sa halla.

We have finished our topic Bia and have practised phrases such as ‘ Tá___uaim.’  – ‘I need a ___’

Is breá liom  ____   – I love ___    ‘Is fuath liom ___ ‘    ‘I really dislike ____’

An ndearna tú—?   Did you do? /Did you make?

Ar ith tú?  Did you eat ..?     D’ith /Níor ith mé  as well as plenty of reading in the Aimsir Chaite (past tense ) and Aimsir Laithreach (present tense)

We have moved onto Caitheamh Aimsire (pastimes). We will practise phrases such as

‘Ba mhaith liom bheith ag_____’ –  I like to _____

An féidir leat ___? Can you __? Is/ní féidir liom. We also work on gramadach (grammar) each week as well as plenty of reading from our chart in class and our new books.

In Maths we were learning about lines of Symmetry in Nature, Architecture and Objects. We are all the time working on our number skills, with a particular focus on the hundred square, number patterns, multiplication, odd and even numbers and addition and subtraction problems. (tens and units  & HTU )

In Drama our focus has been mime and thought tracking . It is lots of fun. We will continue this in the next fortnight also.

In SPHE and as part of the Wellbeing Fun Friends programme, children have been focusing on Red thoughts and Green thoughts. While Red thoughts are perfectly normal and ok to have, they are unhelpful.

Red thoughts STOP us having fun, STOP us giving things a go and STOP us feeling great. Green thoughts  help us keep going, try new things and feel better.

In our Monday lessons and with the in class support of Múinteoir Lorraine, we practice changing Red thoughts to Green (helpful) thoughts. Examples   Red = I can’t do this.    Green = I can keep trying/ With time I will get better/ I can give my best effort.    We are trying to encourage children to be the BOSS of their thoughts and feelings and behaviours. We remind them to Choose GREEN ! The more they practise (and ourselves too☺)the better we become at it. It would be so beneficial for families to use the same language at home to reinforce the concept.

Keep up the great work with the reading in both Irish and English at home.

D. Tyrrell


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