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⭐⭐Junior Room 05th-22nd December⭐⭐


We had a  busy number of weeks in the Junior Room, preparing for Christmas.  We decorated our Christmas Tree in the classroom, made decorations for this tree and the school tree, created fabulous pieces of Art based on the theme of winter/Christmas.  We really enjoyed making the large snowman and Santa and taking part in the walk on Friday last.  We also went to visit the crib in the church.  We were really excited about our hot chocolate and cookies in the afternoon.  It was really yummy!

The boys and girls were really busy in Santa’s workshop, checking and wrapping the toys, writing Santa letters, constructing new toys and playing in the small world area.  Bing has been busy too, moving around our classroom keeping an eye on everything.

We worked on the theme of An Nollaig as Gaeilge and continued to work on the Fyffes programme.  Great fun was had while taking part in the Kahoot Christmas quiz and we all loved learning about the birth of the baby Jesus in Religion.

We are looking forward to Santa arriving very soon and having a lovely Christmas holiday.

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