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✨✨Middle Room ✨✨January 10th – 28th


Over the past month we have been settling back into the busyness of classroom life. This month we worked on addition (2nd) and Division /Multiplication (3rd). We also worked on the topic of Money whole class so any opportunities children have to work with coins in the ‘real’ world would be beneficial. Children also explored other Maths topics during our Maths games time.

In reading, our focus was pace and expression and the children have been working so hard on this and have come on so much 👏👏📗. We also worked on synonyms, antonyms and homophones. The children have also been working on developing their cursive writing. They are doing so well. Samples are available to view in their personal seesaw folder. This is what your child is capable of and this is the expectation your child should have each time they write – giving your best effort each time. Well done!

Our wellbeing topic this month was Friendship . Following a discussion on the video, children worked in groups then contributed their ideas as to what qualities makes a good friend. ‘Layers’ was the magic word in Art. We have nearly completed our paper mache heads!! In Gaeilge, we are learning when to use the ‘h’ and ‘urú’ and prepositions – ar an, ag an, in aice leis an, faoin , os comhair.  We are also continuously practising replying to various ceisteanna..An ndeachaigh? Chuaigh/Ni dheachaigh, Ar chuir?- Chuir/Níor chuir , Ar chuala – Chuala/Nior chuala and so on and also correct sentence structure in our written work. We are beginning to realise that Tá isn’t the answer to everything..Maith sibhse!

In Geography we are learning about Provinces and counties in Ireland and we learned a little bit about the Tour de France and Stephen Roche in History. In Science children are exploring the origin of foods and the difference between processed and unprocessed foods. This is tied in with our Incredible Edibles initiative. We also celebrated Catholic school’s week this past week.

We had a Tráth na Gceist (Quiz through Irish) which we will do at the end of each month to promote Gaeilge through fun.

Keep up the reading at home everyone👍.

D. Tyrrell

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