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⭐⭐Junior Room-January 2022⭐⭐


We had a very busy and exciting month settling back in after the Christmas holidays.

In Irish, we learned all about An Aimsir.  Cén sort aimsir atá ann? An bhfuil sé ag cur sneachta? An bhfuil sé tirim? An bhful sé gaofar? An bhfuil sé fliuch?  The children took part in a Trath na gCeist at the end of the month.  We had great fun completing the Kahoot and are looking forward to next month’s quiz.

As part of our Well-being programme we concentrated on the theme of Friendship.  We learned about what a friendship is and how we can all be a good friend.

We began working on the Incredible Edibles programme and completed Task 1.  We examined what various fruits and vegetables look like when they are planted.  Also, the children examined the farm to fork pathway for potatoes, cheese, bread and strawberries.

The children continued to work on capital letters.  Full stops and question marks were introduced.

In Mathematics, the whole class worked on the topic of length.  Junior Infants worked on numbers 1 and 2.  Senior Infants and First Class worked on addition.

In PE we are working on the strand of Dance and we are all having great fun.

We are also continuing to take part in the Fyffes programme

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