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Senior Room Jason’s Fun Day


A great ‘Fun Day for Jason’ was had by all in Inver NS today. The students in the senior classes took part in various activities throughout the day. In the morning the students did a Show and Tell of various toys, crafts and items that they love and enjoy to play with.

During break and lunch times they had a disco and enjoyed dancing to their favourite songs including ‘Believer’ and ‘Hit the Diff’. Various challenges took part after break time including:

  • Wall sits
  • Planks
  • Skips
  • Hula hoop passes
  • Basketball shoot outs
  • Tallest tower in 5 minutes
  • Pin the tail to the donkey
  • Create the same picture as another person
  • Card stack
  • Bean bag toss

After lunch the students watched the movie Beethoven and enjoyed some hot chocolate with marshmallows and some treats.

The Darts Final also took place.

Lots of fun, memories and laughter was had by everyone.

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