💥💥Middle Room 💥💥- A look back since Easter hols

Where has the time gone? It is hard to believe the summer holidays are once again around the corner. Below are some photos from our time since we returned after Easter holidays. The children have been working on various topics in Maths such as 3d shapes, Fractions, Length and of course our number strands including multiplication and division in 3rd class. The children have completed their standardised testing but we continue to work on various strands right up to the end.

As Gaeilge we have completed topics Sa Bhaile and An Teilifís. Bhí an-spórt ag na páistí ag imirt na cluichí idirghníomhach and na cluichí cartaí i mbeirteanna. Is breá leo an cluiche biongó freisin. Táimid an tam ar fad ag forbairt ár léamh gaeilge agus tá ranga 3 ag foghlaim conas a hathraíonn na briathra go dtí na haimsire difriúl- Aimsir Fhaistineach agus aimsir láithreach. Bhíomar go léir ag foghlaim conas an t-am a insint i nGaeilge, na séasur agus na míonna. Bhíomar ag foghlaim freisin faoina réamhfhocial agus úsáíd an urú. Maidir le tuiscint, léirigh na páistí a dtuiscint ar théacs trí  phictiúir.

We continue to have our monthly Tráth na gCeist (quiz) for fun and each Friday a Gaeilgoir na Seachtaine is chosen from each classroom.

In English we are reading our novel Wildflower Girl which is the 2nd book in the famine trilogy. We completed Under the Hawthorn Tree prior to this. The children like predicting what will happen to the main character and share their opinions and thoughts if they wish after each chapter. We enjoy incorporating our novel into our drama lessons and the children have participated in Conscience Alley and Freeze frame activities connected to it. We continue to work on our reading fluency, pace , expression, summarising and our writing genre these past few weeks has been Persuasive/Opinion writing.  The children enjoyed working as groups in persuading the class of their argument. Topics included were ‘Children should get paid for attending school’ ,’ Fidget spinners should be banned in class’ and ‘Children should attend  school on Saturday’. Some of the reasons offered to support the argument were quite convincing and others very funny! Great team work and a bit of fun! We also enjoyed some oreos as they help us to remember how to get a strong argument across –Opinion–Reasons—-Examples/Explanations—Opinion (restated passionately!).  Our written presentation is improving steadily and some of the children and I were looking back and comparing writing from the start of the year and now. Wow..Look how far you have come!!

We all enjoyed our taste testing . Some children tasted fruits they had not previously and liked them which was a posiitve. Some …not so much🤣..the faces were priceless! Well done I say for trying something new! We also had lessons on the function of various parts of our body with a particular emphasis on the heart.

In PE we have had a mixture of the strands of Games, Gymnastics and Orienteering which we will continue for the coming month.

The children in 2nd class enjoyed their special First Holy communion day on May 7th  and as a special treat to celebrate the whole school got Pizza!!🍕This was a combined celebration for both Communion and Confirmation. Congratulations to all the children.

Looking forward to a productive last few weeks and of course our SCHOOL TOUR!!!! 🎉🚌⏳

D. Tyrrell


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