🌟💥January in the Middle Room🌟💥

Where have the weeks gone? We have had a busy month and the children have settled back into the swing of things so well.

This month our theme in Gaeilge  was Caitheamh Aimsire and children were learning to express their hobby preference and question partners about their hobbies through card games, interactive activities and comhrá i mbeirteanna. We were also learning a little bit about changing verbs to the future tense and identifying what ending each verb gets. We will continue this work next month also. Lá gaelach continues once a month where children  come together to sing amhráin, show off what they have been learning in class as Gaeilge and also enjoy cluichí simplí with children from other classes.

In English, besides our usual reading and comprehensions, we were focusing on Author’s Intent and Determining Importance as a comprehension strategy. Grammar included plurals, synonyms and antonyms amongst others informally. We will continue to work on Procedural writing for the next month also. The children are excellent reciting their poetry, adding lots of expression and all the time building confidence. We have finished our novel The witches and will start another in a few weeks.

Catholic school’s week offered us all some time to reflect on ourselves and all that we are grateful for in life. Children really enjoyed sharing stories about things they love to do with their grandparents and a special candle was lit for all Grandparents with us and those in heaven.

Maths has been lots of fun with fraction pizza tasks, money tasks, mental maths challenges and a brief introduction to Time which will continue in February. Children need continuous practise with their tables at home. In Geography we had fun designing Map keys and personal maps. Children also learned about seasonal foods in Science and we look forward very much to continuing our Food Dudes initiative. In History we learned about St Brigid,  discussed food long ago and now and we all enjoyed making and sampling our own ‘schoolmade’ butter. Yum!

In PE we had  some super dancers for Tar Chugam and Cur brog ar an Asal. We will get to show off our wonderful skills during Seachtain na Gaeilge in March. Children also took part in a circuits workout and plenty Drama which was lots of fun! We continue our Stay Safe programme right up to Easter so please engage in the homework discussions with your child to find out what they have learned and also share your invaluable advice too.😊 For our Art lessons we did scratch art with a theme of fireworks and Dot Art. We had so much fun showing off some of our favourite toys also. Keep up the great support at home and enjoy the Bank holiday,

D. Tyrrell




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