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✨✨Middle Room ✨✨January 10th – 28th


Over the past month we have been settling back into the busyness of classroom life. This month we worked on addition (2nd) and Division /Multiplication (3rd). We also worked on the topic of Money whole class so any opportunities children have to work with coins in the ‘real’ world would be beneficial. Children also explored […]

✨✨Term 1 – Middle Room✨✨


A little lookback on our first term in 2nd and 3rd class. Enjoy the Christmas break and see you all in 2022. Múinteoir Deborah

Middle Room✨✨ Nov 15th-Dec 3rd ✨✨


Here is snippet from the past 3 weeks in the middle room. We have been learning about Alexander Graham Bell and phones in History. We have started to move onto Explanation writing (oral at first) and we learned/explained  Why it rains? (The water Cycle) in Geography. Everyone is working hard on written presentation and there […]

Come on Kilcommon !!!!!


Best of luck to the Kilcommon football team in their game tomorrow. We are very proud of you and will be shouting for you all the way!!! Cill Chomáin Abù!

✨✨Middle Room✨✨November 1st – 12th


A little lookback on the past fortnight in second and third class. Our focus in Maths has been Data and continuous number work. We are working hard to build fluency with our tables so that we can calculate accurately and quickly when completing number problems. For Science week🔎 , we investigated and explored BUBBLES and […]

😊Mental Health and Wellbeing😊


  Well done to all the boys and girls who designed Mental Health and Wellbeing posters. You did a great job!! Our Amber flag Committee will meet in early November and whether you are on the committee or not, your voice matters! Múinteoir Deborah

Maths Week 2021 – Final answers


Well done to everyone who particiapted at home with the Maths puzzles. We hope you had lots of fun along the way. We are very proud of our 2nd to 6th class pupils who did really well in the Ireland Rocks 2021 competition and again we hope you had fun  while practising your tables through […]

Maths Week 2021 Day 5


  Yesterday’s Answers 1 The answer is 20. The digit 5 appears ten times as the last digit (5, 15, 25 … 95) and ten times as a first digit (50, 51, 52 … 59). 2 The carpark space number  is 87.   Today’s Puzzles  (Answer will be posted at 6pm) 1   Which tank will […]

✨✨Middle Room – October 2021✨✨


A little insight into some of the activities in the Middle room throughout October. The boys and girls had lots of fun throughout Maths week and we look forward to Science week in November. Wishing you all a fun-filled Midterm break. Múinteoir Deborah             

Maths Week 2021 Day 4


Answers to yesterday’s Puzzles 1  When it is 9 AM, add 5 hours to it and you will get 2 PM. 2 If you look carefully at the image, you’ll see that the dots are placed in intersection of many circles. So, The correct answer is 12.   Today’s Puzzles 1 How many times does the […]

Maths Week 2021 Day 3


Answers to yesterday’s Puzzles 1  The match   2   Today’s Puzzle 1 I add five to nine and get two. The answer is correct, but how? 2 How many circles contain the black dot?  

Maths Week 2021 Day 2


Answers to yesterday’s puzzles. Answer 1   ;  3   – The grandfather is also a father and the father is also a son. Answer 2   ;   666+ 66+ 6+ 6+ 6 =750 Answer 3   ;  Zero   Day 2 Puzzle   1         You are all alone in a dark room with a match […]

Maths Week 2021 Day 1


As part of Maths Week 2021 we invite every family to work together to solve the following riddles/puzzles. Please leave answers in the comment box throughout the week. There are no prizes – it is all just a bit of fun because Maths is fun! Check out the blog each day for new puzzles and […]

✨✨Middle Room ✨✨Sept 20th -Oct.1st


A little look back on the past fortnight in the middle room. We had the pleasure of taking part in a zoom webinar with none other than David Walliams. David answered some of the questions sent in by ourselves and other children in Ireland. He also read from 2 of his books which was really […]

✨✨Middle room ✨✨ September 6th-17th


Here is  a  snapshot of the past fortnight!  We had great fun in the build up to Mayo Day and the big game.  Over the past 2 weeks we have  been working hard on our spelling strategies and written presentation. We will continue to work on the Recount Genre in English and already I can […]

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