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⭐⭐Junior Room-18th-22nd October 2021⭐⭐


The boys and girls had lots of fun this week.  We took part in lots of different activities for Maths week  and all the costumes were fantastic.  I hope you all have a lovely midterm. Múinteoir Lisa.

⭐⭐Junior Room-04th-15th October 2021⭐⭐


The children have worked really well over the past two weeks and we had lots of fun taking part in various activities and completing tasks.  The children worked on 2D shapes in Mathematics and we had lots of fun completing different activities using the shapes.  In Religion, the children learned all about Baptism, and they […]

⭐⭐Junior Room-27th September-01st October⭐⭐


We had another fantastic week in the Junior Room.  The children took part in dance breaks, practiced their handwriting and pencil control, continued to work on the theme of homes during play time and worked really well on their fine motor skills.  The children took part in different games during P.E and worked very well […]

Junior Room-06th-24th September 2021


We had a great few weeks in the Junior Room.  We are working really well on Mé Féin, our phonological awareness, working together to create games, drawing our homes and reading the stories ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs.’  We also had great fun on Mayo Day.  During play time, our theme was homes.  […]

⭐⭐Our first week back in the Junior Room-30th August-03rd September 2021⭐⭐


We had a great week in the Junior Room.  We would like to say a very warm welcome to the Junior Infants, all the boys and girls made them feel very welcome.  The children took part in lots of different activities throughout the week. They created games in P.E, worked on their fine motor skills, […]

⭐⭐Middle Room-Snapshot of the year⭐⭐


Below some memories from the year can be seen.  Well done to you all for working so hard all year.  I would like to wish all the boys and girls the very best of luck in the coming year.  Have a fantastic summer. Múinteoir Lisa. PhotoStory 2021

⭐⭐Middle Room-14th-18th June⭐⭐


We had such fun this week participating in Active Week.  We danced, played soccer, went to the beach, explored the area during our nature walk and played musical statues.  We played with the parachute, played dodgeball and rounders and so on.  It was an action packed week and we all had so much fun.  

📕📕 08th-11th June 2021-Middle Room📗📗


In the middle room this week the boys and girls  painted fabulous pictures based on summer.  We also continued reading Fantastic Mr. Fox, we just cannot wait to find out what will happen next.  Will the famers catch Mr. Fox and his family……..? We really enjoyed taking part in the various outdoor activities in P.E.  […]

⭐⭐31st May-03rd June-Middle Room⭐⭐


This week some of the activities that the boys and girls in the Middle Room worked were Fractions in Mathematics and continuing to learn more information about the life of Gráinne Ní Mháille.  The children continued to work on the Stay Safe programme. Also, the children in Rang a Dó are preparing for the Sacrament […]

📗📗The month of May in the Middle Room📕📕


This is a snap shot from the Middle Room for the month of May.  We worked on The Stay Safe programme, began studying our class novel ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ and learned all about Gráinne Ní Mháille in History. The children worked on strand of Gymnastic in P.E and in Art the children created various items […]

1st, 2nd and 3rd Class-26th-29th April 2021


The following is a snap shot from the Middle Room this week. We had great fun celebrating Mayo Day and Active Week.   We designed Mayo jerseys, coloured in the Mayo crest, raised the Active Flag and really enjoyed our ice creams.  For P.E, we worked on the strand of gymnastics.  The boys and girls really […]

Middle Room-Children creating Autumn Trees


Some activities from the Middle Room for the month of September


Printing-spring scenes in the Middle Room


The children created fabulous pictures by printing based on the theme of spring.

Dancing in the Middle Room


Firstly, the children worked on the fundamental movement skills of dodging. They then began to learn the “Siege of Ennis.” They are fabulous dancers

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