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Lá Fhéile Bhríde


Rinne muid crosa Bhríde agus bhain muid an taitneamh as!

Mo leabhar bia


Rinne muid ár leabhair bia an seachtain seo. Scríobh muid síos an saghas bia is maith/ní maith linn.    

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Well done Eve and Lucy


A big well done to Eve who took part in an 800m race and also to Lucy who took part in a 400m race in Dublin at the weekend. Both girls were two of the youngest in their age categories

An Pirimid Bia


We have been learning all about the food pyramid recently. We now know which foods are healthy and unhealthy for our bodies and how many servings of each food group we should be eating every day. To help us remember, we’ve put together our own food pyramid display in our classroom.  

Mata – Am


Tá na páistí ag foghlaim an topaic ‘Am’ trí  cluichí éagsúla, mar shampla ‘Cén t-am é a Mhac Tíre?’, ‘It’s Time For Fun’ agus ‘Don’t be tardy for the party’. Imríonn siad na cluichí I ngrúpaí agus déanann mé fhéin agus Múinteoir Lorraine “team teaching” leo.

Little Red Riding Hood


The children enjoyed working in pairs to create storyboards based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. They sequenced the story in order and illustrated six scenes with text. A fantastic effort for their first time.     

Science Week – Chasing Pepper



Science Week Fun!


The children had so much fun trying out different experiments this week for Science Week. We explored and learned about air pressure, surface tension, electric charge and floating and sinking. The children were amazed by some of the results and were so interested in the science behind it. Here are some photos of our experiments. […]

Science Week – Killer Straw!



Music Workshop with Mary Curran


Mary Curran from the Whistleblast Quartet came to the school to do a music workshop with the kids before the Halloween holidays. She spent an hour with the junior room first. We learned about volume control, the names of lots of different instruments and where they originated from, like the french horn, bongo drum, bells, […]

The Skeleton Dance



An puimcín


We had great fun carving out our pumpkin. All of the children from the Naíonáin Bheaga to Rang 2 got their hands dirty cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin! We described what it smelled like and we all suggested names to call our pumpkin. We had names like Scary Face, Mr. Pumpkin Head and […]

Halloween Lanterns


Last Friday, the children in the junior room made Halloween lanterns using old empty jam jars that they brought in from home, orange tissue paper, black card paper and lots of glue! Just pop a tea light candle into them and the orange glow from them is fab! The children really love them.

Ealaín le duilleoga


Rinne muid feithidí agus ainmhithe as na duilleoga a bhailigh muid as an siúlóid dúlra.

Comhghairdeas Eve!


Well done to Eve who did really well at the cross country run in Westport on Saturday. Here she is showing her lovely medal she won. Comhghairdeas Eve! 

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