June 11

Active week 2019


Thank you to everyone who helped make Active Week such a success.. participants, volunteers and spectators. Well done to all of the children who participated in every activity. You are all superstars! Until next year…

June 8

Active week 2019



June 1

Active Week Homework 2019

Squat for 30 seconds.

Repeat x 3

Play Tag/Catch Dance to your Favourite song with your whole Family 20 Bum kicks

Repeat x 1


Do 10 mins of Housework-

Sweep floor/Hoover/tidy up toys…

Play football with someone High Knees for 30 seconds

Repeat x 3


Plank for 30 seconds


Repeat x 1 remember;Bums Down!!


10 Burpees




Dance- Shoe The Donkey with your Family

Go for a walk with someone Jog on the spot for 30 seconds.

Repeat x 3


Cycle your bike


10 Get ups (no hands!)


Go for a Scoot!

Do a brain break dance  

Go for a gentle jog

15 Jumping Jacks

Repeat x 2

Create your own Obstacle course- Use your imagination! Have Fun!  

Your Choice_____________

Active Schools Week Homework 2019

Choose 1-3 activities each night during Active week. Colour as you go – a different colour for each day!. Have lots of fun!

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May 3

25 Volunteer Award for Eve

Congratulations to our Eve on receiving her 25 Volunteer t shirt at Erris Park run. Eve is the first junior parkrunner in Erris to receive this award. When she is not volunteering, Eve is busy running, having completed 63 runs in total to date! An amazing achievement! Eve is pictured with Erris Parkrun director Padraig Brogan. If you fancy a fun, sociable feel good event that will raise your heart rate, join Eve, her sister Lucy and her mum at Cross lake every Saturday @ 9:30am. Happy hearts!