January 16


Bhí an-spórt againn inniú, ag súgradh leis an sneachta. Thóg cúpla páistí fear sneachta beag sa pháirc.Níor aontaíonn siad ar an tainm. Rinne siad job maith áfach! Cad a cheapann sibh?

An Fear Sneachta
Is fear sneachta mise,
Ní féidir liom siúl
Ba mhaith liom bheith ag imirt peile
Ach níl aon chosa fúm

Is fear sneachta mise
Tá mé breá fuar
Tá súile beaga dubha agam
Agus dath ar nós plúr

Is fear sneachta mise
Is breá liom na páistí
Ach ní maith liom é
Nuair a bhíonn sé ag cur báistí

May 10

Ag an trá



































Inne chuaigh ár rang sios go dtí an trá chun rang ealaine a bheith againn.


Bhí buicead agus spaid ag gach duine. Bhí hatai agus uacthar gréine ag go leor duine mar bhí an aimsir te.


Rinne gach duine structure déanta as gainimh. Rinne daoine tithe agus linn snamha agus daoine.


Bhí me fein agus Kirsty i mo ghrúpa.


Bhí go leor lochan carraige beaga ag an trá.


Rinne me fein agus Kirsty cailin.
Is maith liom ag dul go dti an trá.

ó Róisín

February 5

Construction challenge (Step 3)

  1. Lots of fun was had as the children in the junior room worked in their teams to try to win the lollipop stick construction challenge. Each group had to build the tallest construction possible, that was stable enough to stand for at least 10 seconds using a maximum of 20 pegs and 20 lollipop sticks. There were wonderful ideas presented and great team work evident all round!

February 16

Lighthouses S3

On Friday I went to Grace’s (my cousin) for a sleep over but we had to make a light house.

Mom got us lots of sweets for the evening so we used them to make it. We used two Pringle boxes for the light house. The teacher gave us the light bulb and the battery. We got paper to put around the light house and then painted it.

We got a carboard box for the base and we painted that. We got blue stuff for the water and for top of the lighthouse we got a sweet jar.

On Wednesday we brought it in to school and everyone else had their lighthouses in too!

By Liam

My lighthouse.

For my lighthouse I got a bottle then I put some paper on the bottle and painted the paper red and yellow .
Then I put the bottle on a sweet box then I put paper rocks on the box.
Then I put a paper door on the lighthouse .

After that I put the light on the lighthouse .
My mammy helped me with my lighthouse .

The end

















Yesterday I made my lighthouse.

I used a Club Orange 2-litre bottle, two A4 pieces of  white paper with a small piece cut off, black tape, red paint, a permanent black marker, Sellotape and electricity stuff from school. I used a battery ,a light bulb and a holder, 3 crocodile clips and a switch

First I cut a bit off the two sheets of paper and taped them onto the bottle and but the battery and the light inside. After I put two strips of black tape onto the paper, then I drew some windows and a door on and coloured the cap black. I put tape around the cap and put five strips of tape from the top to where the tape was to connect them together. I then cut two holes under the bottle so the cable could reach the light.

To finish it off, I painted a small bit red and tried it out. It worked


By Kian















See our Green Screen movie about our lighthouses (by Rosaleen, Shauna and Kian).

December 20

The First Christmas

Once upon a time lived a beautiful woman called Mary and her husband Joseph. They lived in a small town called Nazareth.

One day Mary was sweeping the floor and suddenly an angel appeared and told her she was going to have a baby: “It will be God’s special King and you will call it Jesus.”
Caesar Augustus had ordered everyone to sign their name on the book, in the place where they were born, so that he would know how many people were living in his land.

Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem and sign their names on the census. Mary couldn’t walk that distance so they brought a donkey.

Meanwhile the three wise kings had seen the most beautiful, brightest star in the sky and they were following it.

An angel also told the shepherds that there was going to be a special baby born in a stable.

When Mary and Joseph got to Bethlehem it was awfully busy and there was nowhere to stay! Mary and Joseph tried loads places but everywhere was fully booked … until they found an inn and thought it would be quiet. The innkeper and his wife told them there absolutely no more room and Mary told them that she was having a baby.

The innkeeper told Mary and Joseph that there was a stable they could borrow for the night. Mary and Joseph were so pleased. That very night Mary had God’s special King.

The shepherds got to the stable and they were all amazed to see Jesus lying in a manger. When the kings followed the star, they ended up in the stable, too. The three kings brought three gifts , gold frankincense and myrrh.

By Abby (from Abby’s blog)


It all happened when a woman called Mary was sweeping the floor and then out of nowhere an angel from above came down and told her that she was going to have a baby and his name would be Jesus. Mary and Joseph had to go to Bethlehem to sign the Census. When they reached Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph signed the Census and went to an Inn.

There was no room at the Inn but the Innkeeper said to Mary and Joseph that they could use his stable for a night. Later that night, the Baby Jesus was born. Then when Mary bent down to settle her baby, Joseph could see some kings in the distance. Then the shepherds and the Kings came and so did the Angels. Everyone was really excited for the birth of the baby Jesus.

By Grace


There once was a woman named Mary. Mary lived in Nazareth and was engaged to a carpenter named Joseph. One day Mary was baking when an angel appeared in front of her. Mary couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The angel told Mary that she was going to have a baby boy named Jesus and he would be the son of God. Mary was shocked with the news she had just got but she did exactly what the angel told her.

At this time Ceasar Augustus was the emperor and wanted all the people to travel to Bethlehem to get there name in the census book so he could see how many people were In the country. So Mary and Joseph started to make there way to Bethleham to get there names in the census even though Mary was pregnant. Joseph walked all the way and Mary travelled on the donkey.

When they finally arrived at Bethleham there were a lot of people there! After they got their names in the book they went to find an inn that they could stay in but they couldn’t find one anywhere. Just when they were about to give up a generous woman offered Mary and Joseph a stable beside the house because all there rooms were booked. Mary and Joseph were delighted even though there was lots of animals in the stable.

While this was all happening some shepherds and wise men had heard of the terrific news of the baby Jesus and needed to find the stable that Jesus would be born in that very night.

Sure enough high in the sky a star shone brighter than any other star in the sky and these people knew that this would lead them to the baby Jesus. They followed the star and it brought them to the very stable where baby Jesus lay.

When they walked in, there, lay the baby Jesus in a manger.

So Christmas isn’t all about presents and gifts, we’ve got to remember Jesus and what he scarified or us!

By Sophie


October 5

Sand Sculptures

Yesterday we went down to Peadar’s Beach to make lovely sand sculptures with all of the students in our room.

I was in a group with Abby,Grace,Róisín,Siobhan,Rosaleen and myself. We decided to do all individual people which looked really cool when we had finished. Everyone added their own different accessories so they weren’t all the same thing!

I used stones beautiful for my eyes, nose and mouth. I used seaweed for the hair and I used black plastic for the belt,

The boys made a class rock pool, Aoibhe and Eve made a brilliant village and Shauna and Hannah made a really cool fish.

I really enjoyed my day at the beach and I would love to do it again sometime!
By Sophie (From Sophie’s blog https://kidblog.org/class/Ranganna345agus6/posts/cmj7b32exqmixrcvkvm1fc3xt)

On Wednesday my class built sand sculptures down on the beach. We went in groups and in my group was Sophie, Rosaleen, Abby, Róisìn and myself. We had a 30 minute timer. My group did girls on the beach. I used seaweed for the hair, a black bag for a swimming suit and I fought a flower for the hair. It was good fun😋 I enjoyed making sand sculptures😉

From Grace’s Blog

June 4

Science, science and more science! S3

Yesterday, 3rd of June, a man called Declan (from Science Ireland)came to our school to talk about science, technology and engineering!

Firstly, we all gathered in the junior room, at around 11 o’clock and he gave us stuff to do. We did motion pictures, and if you are blank about that, it’s where we got a piece of card, he put 2 holes on the two sides of it and elastic bands through them, tied them, and we drew a picture on one side and another on the other side (e.g a man falling off a cliff and on the other side he is landed in the water) and when you twist it around again and again with the elastics, it looks like a little one clip movie.

Then, we did paper areoplanes but not the typical ones, ones with straw and paper circles so when they flew (some went well some not) the wind would push through the circles making it fly. We also did other fun stuff!

He also told us about what was going to be invented in the future which caught all our attention. Every time he told us something new (e.g about a digital wallpaper which is already invented but costs the price of a house) we all were like “woahhhhh”

Over all, it turned out to be a great, interesting lesson! Everyone, including the teachers were astonished with all he told us about the future and how science works. I think the number of people wanting to be scientists or engineers, just got higher!

from April’s Blog
declan 1

My school in Inver actually had a real scientist (yes you heard me correctly) in our school!! The scientist’s name was Declan. He made lots of cool art pieces with us,

(1) First we made ‘motion pictures’. On one side we drew a picture of something about to happen…and then flipped it over from the top. We had two elastic bands and we tied them onto the picture and twisted them at about 20km a hour. It moved as if it was a movie. Movies use the same technique as that but with 24 pictures a second!

The ‘motion pictures’ were my favourite although we did a moving woodpecker and a straw and paper aeroplane.

In our classroom Declan told us about the technological future. There is going to be a watch that cures cancer! And turns into a phone. A real tablet, And!!! When you throw it at a wall it turns into a 32inch TV. Ok.. I really want one! And hoverboards are in progress of being made right now!!! With copper wires in the footpath you can now fly!🚀🚀🚀🚀✈️✈️✈️✈️🐤🐤🐤🐦🐤🐦🐤
From Siobhan’s Blog

declan 3
Today we were doing fun things with Declan who is a scientist.

We made things like motion cards, aeroplanes and wood peckers.

This is how you make the motion cards: first get a piece of cardboard put a hole each side then draw a picture on both sides and spin it around.

I recommend you have a day like today because Declan told us about the future.
From Jack’s Blog


Today a scientist/engineer called Declan came to our school.
First he showed us a piece of card with two drawings. He spun it round fast and then it looked like the drawings were one. Afterwards, we made our own ones. I made a pool table with a man.
Then we made hoop planes. It’s basically a straw with two hoops on it but mine and Mikey’s didn’t fly very well. After big break we made Woodpeckers. It was cool.
Then Declan came up to our room and told us about the future’s gadgets. It was a fun day.
By Kian

Today a man called Declan came to our school to do some science with us. The first thing he did with us was with a piece of paper. He had a picture of a gold fish bowl ( but it looked a little like a horse shoe) on one side and on the back he had a picture of a fish. He attached two elastic bands. Then he started to spin it around. It looked like the fish was in the bowl. He then let all of us have a go. Mine was a picture of a girl happy and then sad.
The next thing he did with us was an aeroplane. It was made with two straws and to strips of card. You make one small shape and then a bigger shape. It was really cool and he let us make our own one too.
Our final thing was a wood pecker. It was basically that when you put a straw on an elastic band it vibrates. So when you have the wood pecker on it looks like like its pecking .
Finally he came into our class and told us about the future. The is going to be loads of new devices. I really hope that Declan comes again to tell us about other stuff.
The end
😍 By Shauna😍


Today, the 3rd of June 2015, a man called Declan came to our school to talk to us about science and engineering. This time last year he came too, and he was very interesting.

When he arrived in our school, our room, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class, went down to the small room so he could talk about science to us, as well as the younger students.

He started with talking to us about pictures and how years ago, in movies, that instead of a video they would take lots of pictures and put them together so that when you would watch the pictures, about 24 pictures per second, your brain thinks that it’s a video clip. Then after he finished talking to us about that, he showed us a demonstration of the moving pictures, but it was one he had drawn himself. On one side there was an empty goldfish bowl and on the other side of the paper there was a goldfish on its own. Also, on the two sides of the paper there were two holes punched and tied into both of them were two elastic bands, so he could flip the paper back and forth easily. When he explained to us about the piece of paper he started flipping the page back and forth really fast, and it made it look like the goldfish was inside the goldfish bowl! We were all amazed! Declan told us that the reason it looked like the goldfish was inside of the bowl was because when the picture is flipped back and forth, our brains trick us and instead of being able to think that the two pictures are separate, it makes it look like the two are the same. Then, Declan told us that we could have a go! We all tried to brainstorm an idea for our own drawings. In the end I decided to draw a radio with music notes around it. Once we were all finished we showed them to Declan and he really liked them all.

Then Declan went on to something different. He showed us how to make a small plane that was made out of two straws, paper and cellotape. We were all told to pick a younger student as our partner for making the plane. I picked Kayleigh. What you had to do was to get two straws and cut them a small bit and cellotape them together so they will be secure. Then you get your paper and cut it. Then, along with your partner, you can choose one, two, or even three shapes that you would like to use in your design and once you have them picked, you can fold the paper into those shapes and attach them to the straws with cellotape! Then you are ready to fly your plane! My and Kayleigh’s plane flew well, but it didn’t fly great, unfortunately. Once all of the plane excitement was over, it was time for break.

After break we went back into the small room again and this time we made a woodpecker out of paper, a small straw, cellotape and an elastic band. We were once again told to pick a younger student as a partner and I went with Kayleigh again. Together, we coloured in the woodpecker on a piece of paper and once we were done, I cut out the bird and it’s wings. Then we went up to Declan and got a small straw, an elastic band and some cellotape. Kayleigh and I cellotaped the straw to the middle of the paper bird. Then we cellotaped the bird together and threaded the broken elastic band through the straw. Kayleigh then pulled on the elastic band the bird was on and suddenly the bird started to climb down the elastic, and it made it look like it was pecking the elastic! It was really cool! After that, it was time to go up to our own classroom again.

After a little bit, Declan decided to come up to our classroom. He spoke to us about the future, and different types of gadgets that will or might be invented in the future. My favourite thing that he spoke about was electronic wallpaper. He said that it actually exists right now but it is very expensive. What happens is you cover a wall with wallpaper, like you would usually do, but here’s the twist, at the bottom of the wall, where the wallpaper ends, there is a wire. Using that wire you can change the wall paper to whatever you want!! You can even make the room a giant television!!!! Declan also said that in some aeroplanes they might start taking out the windows and replacing them with this wallpaper, so that they can still show the outside! Declan also spoke about a watch that can detect if there are any cancer cells in your arm! Just before he left, Declan wanted us girls to remember that science and engineering aren’t just boy’s subjects, girls can do them too.

I really enjoyed Declan’s visit to our school and I really liked the different things he did with us, like the moving pictures, the aeroplanes and the woodpeckers! I also thought that the talk he gave to us older students was really good and interesting! I think that science and engineering are really cool now but I’m not really sure if I would like to do anything like that when I grow up.

From Amy’s blog