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Engineer Projects from the Senior Room March


Connecting with Haast School in New Zealand


Photo 09-06-2014 14 16 11
We have been doing a communications and art project with Haast School in New Zealand for the last few months (see more here). Kate Buckley, the artist, will be exhibiting our art work alongside the art work of the students in Haast from 13 December.

We made a special ‘Hello from Inver’ video for the people in Haast. Here it is:

Abstract self- portraits using symbols (with Kate Buckley)


Rinne muid pictiúrí iontacha le Kate Buckley, an ealaíontóir ón Nua Shéaláin.


Photo 09-06-2014 14 16 11

Art with Kate Buckley




Ealaíon le Kate Buckley


We have been having lots of fun with our visiting artist Kate. Here we are working on our personal art pieces using oil pastels. We cannot wait to share them with our new friends in Haast! Thanks Kate!







Our 1st visit from artist Kate Buckley – Junior Room












Pineapple Lumps vs Iced Caramels By Amy


Iced Caramels vs Pineapple Lumps

On Friday when Kate Buckley came to our school she brought two different sweets, Pineapple Lumps and Iced Caramels. Iced Caramels are sweets that are sold in Ireland and Pineapple Lumps are sweets that are sold in New Zealand.

Pineapple Lumps actually don’t taste like pineapples at all. They taste like bananas. Pineapple Lumps are covered in chocolate. They taste quite foamy and chewy. The banana taste is very strong.

Iced Caramels are quite sweet. They are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. On the inside there is caramel. The caramel is very sweet.

I liked both Iced Caramels and Pineapple Lumps but I think I preferred Iced Caramels!

The End!
By Amy

Kate Buckley – the artist


Kate the artist

Last Friday, Irish artist Kate from Co. Cork, but living in New Zealand, came to our school! She was telling us about life in New Zealand. It is very similar to life here in!

The children from Haast School in New Zealand sent over some photos, a kiwi (but it was a toy), a pukeko a New Zealand bird (but it was a puppet), a few letters and a packet of Pinapple lumps the brilliant New Zealand sweets! They were really nice, and I’m really happy I got to have a taste of one!

The only person sixth class called Ernest, sent Shannon and Myself a letter, and now we are going to send a letter back to him!

I really enjoyed learning about New Zealand with Kate, and I can’t wait until we do art with her!

By Niall



A Blog On Kate ☺️👩

I am writing about a woman called Kate Buckley who came to our school. She came from New Zealand with a big parcel full of stuff that we yet have to look at! She was at a school called Haast School. She was over there for a week to see what it’s like. Then, she decided to introduce us to them by mail and we sent over pictures and Ireland flags to them. And in her parcel, is all the stuff they sent over to us! They made us a huge card with a picture of all the pupils in the school (there are only 17 pupils!) and the scenery of the town. We got to know all of their names and what they wear as their uniform. She showed us lots of pictures and they were all so lovely! Also, they made us try their favourite sweets called Pineapple Lumps 😀 Then, we ate our own popular Irish sweets called Iced Caramels. We had to compare the both of them on a sheet.

Another thing in her parcel was two teddies of their two popular birds. The Keewee bird and the Pukeko. They were beautiful birds! 🐦 It’s great fun learning about a school on the other side of the world! And they are excited to get to know more about us! Kate is coming tomorrow to tell us more information and she is doing art with us! Hope you enjoyed reading about this! ✋
By April

Our mystery is solved!


spidrop3Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 21.34.24
Some weeks ago we received a mysterious package in the post. We blogged about it to see if we could unravel our mystery.

Now we have solved it! It was an intriguing introduction to an art project we are hoping to do with Haast Primary School in New Zealand.
Artist Kate Buckley, is inviting us to work alongside a school in New Zealand as art investigators. She says:

‘Special Art Investigators work to find out as much as they can about both their place and their partner place. This means you and the students from Hannah’s clearing (Haast) will have to be in touch with each other- sending things back and forth between the two places.
Special Art Investigators use the arts when they do their work- drawing, writing, finding out, acting, painting , dancing, using technology and making things- whatever kind of art you like .
When I’m in Ireland we can work together make artwork about our own place and about our partner place. But you don’t need me to start making things- you can begin whenever you like.’

Our exciting project is just beginning. We sent some clues to Haast School, New Zealand to introduce ourselves, and to see if they could discover who we were and where we were from. We sent some maps, some Irish sweets and biscuits, some tourist information, flags and shamrocks, a copy of Primary Planet and a QR code for our blog.

Our new friends are clever investigators and they cracked the clues! They have asked us the following questions written in bold type and these are our replies from Ailish, Orla, Sophie, Niall, Amy and Lisa.

1. How many children are there at the school?
 A. There are 29 children in our school: 14 in the Junior room and 15 in here, in the Senior room.

2. What are their names?

We have two classrooms in our School. In our classroom there is Niall, Shannon, Orla, Ava, Ailish, Lisa, Seamus, Grace, Shauna, Sophie, Rosaleen, Kian, Rosín, Liam and me, Amy. In the junior class room there is Siobhán, John, Hannah, Eve, Aofie, Danny, Patrick, Mikey, Kyle, Kirsty, Laoise, Ava, Freddie and Lucy. (Amy)

3. How old are the children at your school?

They are aged from 4 to 12.  In the Junior Room we have ages 4-7 and in  and in our classroom we have ages 8-12. (Ailish)

4. Are there people at your school who come from other cultures or countries?

Yes there are students born in other countries. We have three students from England.

5. What are the names of your teachers?

 The names of our teachers are Muínteoir  Máirín and Muinteoir Deborah and our support teacher Muinteoir Lorraine.

6. Do you have computers?

Yes, we have computers. We have just 1 PC and  1 Mac desktop computers,  some laptops (PC) and lots of iPads. We also have interactive whiteboards and Apple TV.

7. What wildlife is there in your area?

Here the wildlife is mainly foxes and hares as well as birds. But some farmers have to kill the foxes at this time of year, because sheep have their lambs, and the foxes would kill the newly born lambs. (Niall)

8. What sorts of learning do you do?
The learning we do here is: our national language, Gaeilge or Irish, we also do mathematics, which are sums, we do history and geography, in history we learn about things that happened years ago, and today we learned about Maoris. English, we learn about lots of things. Religion, we about all the Saints, God and all the great stories Jesus Christ. We also do Science, Art, Music, PE and SPHE.


9.What books does you have at your school?

We have lots of books at our school like books about sport, animals, art and lots more. We have a good mixture of fact and fiction books. We have just finished ‘The Suitcase Kid’ by Jacqueline Wilson. We all love to read! (Sophie)

10. How many classrooms are there?
There are 3 classrooms in our school. There are the senior class, joiner class and there is our middle room that we just call that the storage room. We wanted to turn the middle room into a canteen so that we could get warm food and cold foods and that is all about our school. But the canteen didn’t work (Ok so the canteen is in my imagination but I (Orla) really wanted it :0

11. What is in your classrooms? Seats? Desks?

There are lots and lots of lovely posters in our classrooms and yes we have tables and chairs too.


12. Do you like living in your area?

I love living in our area. I have many friends. I don’t think I would be able to manage without them in a different country. (Lisa)


13: Would you like to be pen pals or e-pals with us? 

Yes we would love to be either penpals or epals with you.


Spring thoughts


These are Ava’s thoughts on Spring:


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