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Yesterday we did Aurasma. It is when you point your iPad, using the Aurasma app at a picture and it will play a video about it. This is an example:

It is fairly complicated. You have to upload the movie and login and and link it to a photo, which you have to upload too. It is really cool I would give it 10/10. This video is of me and John doing a presentation about the 1916 Easter rising on our Proclamation day but we just point to our photograph on the wall to see the video.

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Aurasma in Inver National School (Step 2: Technology)


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 14.16.38

We made a video to explain what Aurasma is and how we use it at school.

We made presentations of how we designed and constructed our sand sculptures to our class. We filmed the presentations and now we use Aurasma to make the photographs of the day ‘come alive’.

Using Augmented Reality with Aurasma


We wrote stories about ourselves called ‘Mé Féin’, took photos and inserted them in the stories and printed them off. We pinned them up on the classroom wall.
We used these sheets as trigger images.
Then we made videos about ourselves. We got one classmate to interview us and one to film. It was great fun. Then we uploaded the videos as ‘overlays’.
Finally, we used Aurasma to create ‘auras’ for each one so that when you use an iPad to look at our pictures and stories (the trigger images) on our classroom wall, the seem to become alive, (just like Harry Potter’s newspapers), and you can see our videos.
In this video, we see some students showing others how it all works.

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