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Aurasma in Inver National School (Step 2: Technology)


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We made a video to explain what Aurasma is and how we use it at school.

We made presentations of how we designed and constructed our sand sculptures to our class. We filmed the presentations and now we use Aurasma to make the photographs of the day ‘come alive’.

An Gleoiseach Sleibhe – The Twite (Step 1: Environmental Awareness and Care)


Visit from Susan
Today a lady called Susan came to our school to teach us about the twite. First she showed us a couple of pictures of the twite and some other birds. Seamus,John,Liam and I were ‘Speicies Management Team’ so we picked different people for different jobs.
Then we went outside and made a Quatrat with some rope and we took down the names of the flowers and plantes on it. Amy, April, Amy and Orla were bird watchers and looked out for birds then Amy would take there names down.

Next we went inside to do art but first we had lunch. Seamus, Liam and I did a picture with a cliff and heather with twite eating seeds from hay bales.
When we finished we cleaned up and Susan went to Glenamoy. It was fun.
By Kian

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