Did you know on Mercury, a day is two years long? Imagine all you could do in one weekend!

Did you know
Because light takes time to reach us, everything we see is in the past. The sun you can see out of the window is 8 minutes and 20 seconds old. The light from our nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is 4 years old.

Christmas Fun

Lots of fun was had today when the senior children came to our room. First of all, we had some shared reading . All our stories were about Christmas and it was lots of fun. We then had a quiz. The score was very tight, but in the end Santa’s Reindeer won by one point. After that, we had the Christmas tree challenge. The teams had to try to create a tree shape using the 6 foam cups, but without touching them with any hands. It was such good fun and an extremely difficult challenge. This was followed by a Christmas movie and treats. What a day!

Science Fair (Step 5)




















Today we had a science fair. We asked the parents to come in and watch us do our science experiments. Some of us went in groups of two. I went with Jack and our experiment was called an ‘Alka-Seltzer Explosion’.

All of are experiments went great.

The two best that I would pick is the Alka-Seltzer Explosion and the Volcano from Patrick and Laoise.


We had a good day then we had a surprise at the end of the day. The teacher made sure we all were in the classroom. And it was aaaaaaaa………robot made from Lego.

And that finished the day  with playing with the robots so are day was good.
                                                 ➡️️By Liam


Today we had a Science fair. I did the ‘Glow-in-the-dark-water’ to make the water glow. I got a glass of water. Then I snapped open a #

highlighter and inside there is a sponge filled with ink. I squeezed all the ink in to the water.

Then I held an ultraviolet light over the cup and the water glowed very eerily and you could see all the chemicals. It was amazing!

The end.

by Eve




















Today we had a lot of expirements going on in our classroom. We had so much fun doing them.


I was the fourth one to do our expirement. John and I did the Inflating balloon. We did it once but then it didn’t really work but then we did it a second time and it worked perfectly.


We worked really hard on this through the week and everybody worked hard aswell.
Science Fair was really fun. I really enjoyed it!

By Róisín





Ag cur glasraí (Step 1)

An t-earrach atá anois agus tá an gáirdín réidh chun planadí a chur.

Inné chuaigh na daltaí ó ranganna Naí, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 agus 6 amach agus chuir siad plandaí cabáiste, oiniúin, gairleóg agus fataí. Bhí lián agus lamhaínní ag gach duine.

Chroch muid dhá óstán na bhfeithidí (bug hotel) chomh maith.

Dhóirt Siobhan uisce orthu nuair a bhí na plandaí curtha síos againn.
Tá súil againn go mbeidh an aimsir go breá ionas go bhfásfaidh ár plandaí.

Bhí na naíonáin ag seiceáil an raibh na plandaí ag fás ag am lón, ach tuigeann na daltaí ó na ranganna eile go mbeidh orainn foighid a bheith againn go fóill.

Engineering Week (Step 3)


Engineers Week 2017 in school involved some thinking, talking and planning.

We had the Spaghetti Challenge and the construction of strong bridges. We also had some fun with VR and String as well as watching the live webcast on Friday.


Hello my name is Laoise and I am in Third Class. This week is engineering week. All the big class did challenges on bridges and tall towers. The teacher put us in groups of three. In my group was Ava Conroy and Jack McGuire.

Materials we needed :

double sided tape

20 pieces of spaghetti

a metre of string and 1 marshmallow

You had 18 mins to to construct and finish the tallest tower but you were not allowed to touch it when it was being measured. Our team won the challenge. 


The end from Laoise’s Blog

🛠Engineers’ Week.🛠
🔨Last week was engineers’ week.
When you think of an engineer most people automatically think cars, but really an engineer can be many things.🔨

🔨Engineers build planes and create new ways of travel. They build railways, and some of them even develop parts for humans and animals who need them for medical reasons.🔨

🔨On Tuesday we had a practice run of a competition in which We had to make a structure that could hold a marshmallow on top without falling.🔨

🔨The structures’ materials included a table length of tape, a table length of string and 20 sticks of (uncooked) spaghetti.🔨

🔨On the first day of doing the challenge the rules of materials could be broken so we got extra items.🔨

🔨The next day we had the main competition was on Friday     (that day it was very strict and we weren’t allowed any extras!!)🔨


🔨We also watched a video which was live from where engineering week was taking place. That broadcast was very interesting and in it there was a slideshow of all the great engineers of history which made most of the blueprints for our modern lives.🔨

This year’s Engineers week was very fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly.🛠

from Siobhán’s Blog
It was engineers week 🛠 last week. I was out most of the week but I still did some engineering. Me and my team had to build a structure out of spaghetti ,tape and a marshmallow.It was fun.🛠

From Aoibhe’s Blog

Last week was Engineering week and we were learning about engineering. We learned about everything about engineering.

We did two challenges: one of them was to build a strong structure with spaghetti. The second one was to build a paper bridge that can holds five cent coins. The paper had to be more than 15cm.

When we built the spaghetti structure we needed 1metre of tape, 1 metre of string and 20 pieces of spaghetti.

Siobhán and Eve were on my team. We all had teams John, Patrick and Kirsty had one too.

We also watched a live webcast. I saw a person who worked as an electronic Engineer. I liked the Mechanical engineer because I like tractors. A Mechanical engineer makes lots of machinery and I like machinery. My dad as lots of machinery I help him with it.

The person who won the challenge was Patrick. 

From Kyle’s Blog

This week was engineering week. We had a lot of fun building and creating things.

The first day we started everyone had teams of three. Everyone had to build “The tallest Tower made out of pasta”. We had to try and get a marshmallow at the top of the tower without it falling over.

But when we first did it it was only a practice run and then on Friday it was the real thing. Then when Friday came😬…… I didn’t win😭. Jacks team won but it was great fun🎉.
The next activity we did was “Paper Bridges”. We all got a A4 piece of paper to go home with.
So the rules were you could only use the paper nothing else and we had to fold it into the strongest shape. Every one did very well.

I really enjoyed Engineering Week and it was really fun.😄👍

From Roisín’s Blog










Engineers week
It was engineers week 🛠 last week. I was out most of the week but I still did some engineering. Me and my team had to build a structure out of spaghetti ,tape and a marshmallow.It was fun.🛠

From Aoibhe’s Blog

Construction challenge (Step 3)

  1. Lots of fun was had as the children in the junior room worked in their teams to try to win the lollipop stick construction challenge. Each group had to build the tallest construction possible, that was stable enough to stand for at least 10 seconds using a maximum of 20 pegs and 20 lollipop sticks. There were wonderful ideas presented and great team work evident all round!


We had lots of fun building crystals recently. At first we examined the shape and texture of the Epsom salt crystals. We then added warm tap water to dilute the salt and also a little bit of food colouring. After leaving the solution in the fridge overnight, we noticed that the shape of the crystals had changed. They were no longer cubic. They had grown and had become smooth needle crystals. It was lots of fun!

Science week Junior Room (Step 1)








image For science week my class did the dancing raisins experiment .First we got a cup of water. Then we put the raisins in the water and then we looked. They had sank. Then we got a cup of 7up. We put the raisins in . The raisins went up and down. This happened because the co2 was trying to escape .

We did a candle needs oxygen experiment. We got a candle. Then we lit the candle and we put a glass cup over the candle.The candle went out . Then we put the cup over the candle when the candle nearly went out we took it away quickly.The candle lit again because the oxygen was allowed in again.

We made lava lamps too. We got a bottle.Then we added water.Then we added oil. Then we add food colouring. Then we add Alkaselter tablets . This produced Co 2 which caused bubbles to rise up and down in the bottle. It was cool.

By Lucy

Leave no Trace (Step 1)

Today we learned about the ‘Leave No Trace’ programme at  and how litter ruins the environment. We were working with a woman named Kirsten. We went into groups and made different animal shapes.

Then we went outside for a walk. We learned how long objects last before they biodegrade. A glass bottle will last forever and an apple core takes two months to biodegrade. I had a plastic cup and had to guess how long it would take to break down. Kirsten said that the cup would last for 250 years. It was really fun.

I enjoyed my time and I hope I could do it again. She gave us a pencil and a certificate. It was really fun.




From Jack’s Blog




#Maths Week 2016 (Step 4)

Bhí sport againn inniú nuair a bhíomar ag lorg cruthanna 2T agus 3T in ár dtimpeallacht.

To day we went to the yard finding shapes I found a sphere circle and we had to take picture on the iPads and put them up on the board. We did maths and I really enjoyed it.
ó bhlog Kyle

Today went out to the yard to find some Angles,2D and 3D shapes it was fun running around looking for shapes. I found all different kind of things here are some different things I found.😄👆.

ó bhlog Róisín

Today we went outside to find 2d and 3D shapes.

I found 4 ciorcals and 1 triantan and 1 cearnóg. Everyone in the class room got at least 3 shapes.

Ó bhlog Eve

Today we went outside and took pictures of shapes in 2D, angles and 3D shapes. I found plenty of shapes like those in my pictures below. It was really fun and it’s been a really fun maths week!

Ó bhlog Jack

Today we went out to the school yard to find 3D shapes and 2d shapes and angles I found two right angles and a sphere. It was lots of fun👍.

ó bhlog Liam

Today we were outside looking for shapes. We were all running around looking for shapes. I found a circle, a square, a rectangle, a triangle and a sphere. When we were done we made a picture with them on the iPads and Lipix.
ó bhlog Hannah

This week is maths week, today, the 20/10/16 we went outside looking for 2-D, 3-D and angles in our school yard.

Here are some of the shapes and angles we found!

ó bhlog Siobhán