June 4

Science, science and more science! S3

Yesterday, 3rd of June, a man called Declan (from Science Ireland)came to our school to talk about science, technology and engineering!

Firstly, we all gathered in the junior room, at around 11 o’clock and he gave us stuff to do. We did motion pictures, and if you are blank about that, it’s where we got a piece of card, he put 2 holes on the two sides of it and elastic bands through them, tied them, and we drew a picture on one side and another on the other side (e.g a man falling off a cliff and on the other side he is landed in the water) and when you twist it around again and again with the elastics, it looks like a little one clip movie.

Then, we did paper areoplanes but not the typical ones, ones with straw and paper circles so when they flew (some went well some not) the wind would push through the circles making it fly. We also did other fun stuff!

He also told us about what was going to be invented in the future which caught all our attention. Every time he told us something new (e.g about a digital wallpaper which is already invented but costs the price of a house) we all were like “woahhhhh”

Over all, it turned out to be a great, interesting lesson! Everyone, including the teachers were astonished with all he told us about the future and how science works. I think the number of people wanting to be scientists or engineers, just got higher!

from April’s Blog
declan 1

My school in Inver actually had a real scientist (yes you heard me correctly) in our school!! The scientist’s name was Declan. He made lots of cool art pieces with us,

(1) First we made ‘motion pictures’. On one side we drew a picture of something about to happen…and then flipped it over from the top. We had two elastic bands and we tied them onto the picture and twisted them at about 20km a hour. It moved as if it was a movie. Movies use the same technique as that but with 24 pictures a second!

The ‘motion pictures’ were my favourite although we did a moving woodpecker and a straw and paper aeroplane.

In our classroom Declan told us about the technological future. There is going to be a watch that cures cancer! And turns into a phone. A real tablet, And!!! When you throw it at a wall it turns into a 32inch TV. Ok.. I really want one! And hoverboards are in progress of being made right now!!! With copper wires in the footpath you can now fly!🚀🚀🚀🚀✈️✈️✈️✈️🐤🐤🐤🐦🐤🐦🐤
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declan 3
Today we were doing fun things with Declan who is a scientist.

We made things like motion cards, aeroplanes and wood peckers.

This is how you make the motion cards: first get a piece of cardboard put a hole each side then draw a picture on both sides and spin it around.

I recommend you have a day like today because Declan told us about the future.
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Today a scientist/engineer called Declan came to our school.
First he showed us a piece of card with two drawings. He spun it round fast and then it looked like the drawings were one. Afterwards, we made our own ones. I made a pool table with a man.
Then we made hoop planes. It’s basically a straw with two hoops on it but mine and Mikey’s didn’t fly very well. After big break we made Woodpeckers. It was cool.
Then Declan came up to our room and told us about the future’s gadgets. It was a fun day.
By Kian

Today a man called Declan came to our school to do some science with us. The first thing he did with us was with a piece of paper. He had a picture of a gold fish bowl ( but it looked a little like a horse shoe) on one side and on the back he had a picture of a fish. He attached two elastic bands. Then he started to spin it around. It looked like the fish was in the bowl. He then let all of us have a go. Mine was a picture of a girl happy and then sad.
The next thing he did with us was an aeroplane. It was made with two straws and to strips of card. You make one small shape and then a bigger shape. It was really cool and he let us make our own one too.
Our final thing was a wood pecker. It was basically that when you put a straw on an elastic band it vibrates. So when you have the wood pecker on it looks like like its pecking .
Finally he came into our class and told us about the future. The is going to be loads of new devices. I really hope that Declan comes again to tell us about other stuff.
The end
😍 By Shauna😍


Today, the 3rd of June 2015, a man called Declan came to our school to talk to us about science and engineering. This time last year he came too, and he was very interesting.

When he arrived in our school, our room, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class, went down to the small room so he could talk about science to us, as well as the younger students.

He started with talking to us about pictures and how years ago, in movies, that instead of a video they would take lots of pictures and put them together so that when you would watch the pictures, about 24 pictures per second, your brain thinks that it’s a video clip. Then after he finished talking to us about that, he showed us a demonstration of the moving pictures, but it was one he had drawn himself. On one side there was an empty goldfish bowl and on the other side of the paper there was a goldfish on its own. Also, on the two sides of the paper there were two holes punched and tied into both of them were two elastic bands, so he could flip the paper back and forth easily. When he explained to us about the piece of paper he started flipping the page back and forth really fast, and it made it look like the goldfish was inside the goldfish bowl! We were all amazed! Declan told us that the reason it looked like the goldfish was inside of the bowl was because when the picture is flipped back and forth, our brains trick us and instead of being able to think that the two pictures are separate, it makes it look like the two are the same. Then, Declan told us that we could have a go! We all tried to brainstorm an idea for our own drawings. In the end I decided to draw a radio with music notes around it. Once we were all finished we showed them to Declan and he really liked them all.

Then Declan went on to something different. He showed us how to make a small plane that was made out of two straws, paper and cellotape. We were all told to pick a younger student as our partner for making the plane. I picked Kayleigh. What you had to do was to get two straws and cut them a small bit and cellotape them together so they will be secure. Then you get your paper and cut it. Then, along with your partner, you can choose one, two, or even three shapes that you would like to use in your design and once you have them picked, you can fold the paper into those shapes and attach them to the straws with cellotape! Then you are ready to fly your plane! My and Kayleigh’s plane flew well, but it didn’t fly great, unfortunately. Once all of the plane excitement was over, it was time for break.

After break we went back into the small room again and this time we made a woodpecker out of paper, a small straw, cellotape and an elastic band. We were once again told to pick a younger student as a partner and I went with Kayleigh again. Together, we coloured in the woodpecker on a piece of paper and once we were done, I cut out the bird and it’s wings. Then we went up to Declan and got a small straw, an elastic band and some cellotape. Kayleigh and I cellotaped the straw to the middle of the paper bird. Then we cellotaped the bird together and threaded the broken elastic band through the straw. Kayleigh then pulled on the elastic band the bird was on and suddenly the bird started to climb down the elastic, and it made it look like it was pecking the elastic! It was really cool! After that, it was time to go up to our own classroom again.

After a little bit, Declan decided to come up to our classroom. He spoke to us about the future, and different types of gadgets that will or might be invented in the future. My favourite thing that he spoke about was electronic wallpaper. He said that it actually exists right now but it is very expensive. What happens is you cover a wall with wallpaper, like you would usually do, but here’s the twist, at the bottom of the wall, where the wallpaper ends, there is a wire. Using that wire you can change the wall paper to whatever you want!! You can even make the room a giant television!!!! Declan also said that in some aeroplanes they might start taking out the windows and replacing them with this wallpaper, so that they can still show the outside! Declan also spoke about a watch that can detect if there are any cancer cells in your arm! Just before he left, Declan wanted us girls to remember that science and engineering aren’t just boy’s subjects, girls can do them too.

I really enjoyed Declan’s visit to our school and I really liked the different things he did with us, like the moving pictures, the aeroplanes and the woodpeckers! I also thought that the talk he gave to us older students was really good and interesting! I think that science and engineering are really cool now but I’m not really sure if I would like to do anything like that when I grow up.

From Amy’s blog

March 18

Partial Solar Eclipse 20/03/2015


A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun , and totally or partly obscures the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter is larger than the Sun, blocking all direct sunlight, turning day into darkness.

On Friday morning, 92% of the Sun will be covered in an almost total eclipse!
(This information is from http://astronomy.ie/solareclipsemarch2015.php)

NB:Looking at the Sun is dangerous and can result in serious and permanent damage to the eyes. The only way to look at the Sun is indirectly or through a filter.

See an interesting video on solar eclipses here: https://youtu.be/_201ttTSG30

November 17

Germination #SciWk2014 (Step 1: Living Things)

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 21.05.56

On Monday we began an experiment with germinating peas. We all went in groups.  Abby and I were in a group.

First we got cardboard plates  and some tissue paper. Then we put the tissue on the plate. Then we each placed 8 peas on the tissue then we poured water on it. Our teacher put Ailish and Lisa’s under a web cam. The web camera takes photos every 15 minutes.  There is a pea that has a root comming out of it and the other has a crack in it. On Friday we watched a video of the peas germinating (see below). It was really cool.

By Grace

November 10

Clockwise or anti-clockwise? #SciWk 2014 Step 2

For Science Week, we’ve been trying to decide whether water goes out of our plughole in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. We put some glitter into our sinks and wash-hand basins and checked them all this morning. We allowed the water to stand for 10 minutes and then pulled the plug. The water came out in a clockwise direction from all our sinks, except one, where the plug was faulty and the water had leaked out before we could check it.

What have you found in your school?

September 22

Blackberry and Apple Crumble – Crumble sméir agus úll

On Thursday myself and my class made a blackberry and apple crumble. It was mouth wateringly delicious.

First the teacher washed the berries. Than she told us to wash our hands. (Our teacher had washed her hand already).

After she told Seamus and Amy to sort out the berries because some of them were still a bit red and bitter. Than she asked myself, Ailish and Ava to cut off the skins and mash the apples. Than she told the other groups to make the crumble out of flour, butter and sugar.

Next some of the students sprinkled some of the crumble over the berries and we decorated the top of the pie with some apples and berries. They looked delicious.

We put them in the oven for over 20 minutes. Ava and I offered to clean the dishes. I spotted a bit of steam coming out of the little oven and you could smell the pie beginning to burn. The first pie was cooked and ready to eat! Yummm!

We let the other pie cook for another few mins to let it get a bit crispy. The pies were too nice. We all got 2 pices. Seamus got 3! Haha!! He loved it.

The pies were really nice. The recipe will be on our blog @Inver.org

I hope you liked reading my story.

The End.

By Orla

Inne rinneamar crumble smeir agus ull
Ar dtus nigh muid ár lamha agus na sméara.
Chuir muid úlla, siucra agus braon uisce sa mhicro-oigheann ar feadh cupla noiméad. Chuir muid i mias iad leis
na sméara.
Ansin, rinnemar an crumble le plúr, im agus siucra. Chuir muid an meascán ar bharr na hulla agus smeara. Chuir muid an mais san oigeann ar feadh fiche noinead.
Bhí an crumble go halainn.
le Amy

April 3

Our trip to the shore





















Today my classroom went to the beach.
We saw loads of creatures, peri winkles,crabs,mussel shells and limpets.
We saw something that looked like sea anemone too.
1st class and 2nd class took some pictures of some of the shells we found.
Some of the limpets were stuck on rocks and others were just lying on the sand.
We found mussel shells but the seagulls had eaten their meaty part.
When we were going home we traced our names in the sand.
We also saw some seagulls looking for prey..
I love going to the beach!!!!!
By Siobhan.

Today we went to the beach. We found some mussels,limpets, razor shell fish and crabs.
We found a dog whelk. We saw lugworms track on the sand. On the way we saw a baby lamb in the field. He was feeding. On the way home our teacher let us write our names in the sand. It was good fun today. By Hannah & Seán

Today we went to the sea side. We wanted to look for rock pool life.
We saw crabs,some were dead and some were alive. We saw lugworm tracks.
We saw some rock pools, they were interesting. We love the sea side.
By Eve & Aoibhe

March 31

How Nurse Evelyn uses science and maths in her work

Photo 21-03-2014 13 56 00

Today Evelyn the community nurse came to our school.
She told us all about her job. She works as a midwife and a nurse. She goes to people’s houses if they are sick.
If they are sick, she takes their blood pressure, and checks their pulse.She took Kian’s blood pressure just to show us how to do it. We all took notes. And at the end we asked each other questions about it.
She brought in a syringe, it’s used for measuring blood. The syringe starts from, 0ml to 20ml. You need to know maths and science for this job. It’s really important.It was really interesting learning about how she uses maths and science in her life.
She also brought in a stethoscope, she went around the class, checking our heart beat. It was really cool.
It was really cool having Evelyn in to our school. And was really interesting learning how she uses maths and science in her life.

By Niall

Photo 21-03-2014 13 59 27
Evelyn’s Visit
Last Friday a woman came to our school. Her name is Evelyn Doherty. She is a nurse and a midwife.
She is from the community. She came in to talk to us about how she uses science and maths everyday in her job. It was very interesting!

Evelyn looks after a lot of people, young and old. She brought in a syringe and a stethoscope everyone got a look at them. She told us about all the things she has done for her job. She also told us that most of the things she weighs are in kilos. She said that her most challenging job has to be being a midwife because you have to look after two people at once.

We were told to write down notes. Later on Kian got his blood pressure checked with a blood pressure monitor.
A little while before Evelyn left, we all got a chance to try out the stethoscope. It was really cool.

I really enjoyed Evelyn’s visit. It was very interesting!

💉 The End! 💉
👧 By Amy 👧

Photo 21-03-2014 13 58 23

Evelyn is a nurse and a midwife👩. She goes around to houses and helps all the people that are sick and need care. She also helps mothers when they are pregnant.

Evelyn also helps the mother after birth. Maths and Science are very very important in Evelyn’s job. She needs maths for weighing and measuring and she needs science for all the medications. She said that she would be lost without maths and science.

She told us about all about her job(s) and what she had to do. She said that you have to be a very good listener to be a nurse and a housewife.I think Evelyn’s job is great and I love how she helps so many people, I hope she will come to talk to us again.
By Lisa

Photo 21-03-2014 13 53 11

➕Maths and science.

Today Evelyn came to our school to talk about science and maths.She is a nurse/midwife😷As she spoke we all tookk down notes.📝Then she took my blood pressure👍.It was 90/50.Then she let us hear our heartbeat👍.All her equipment uses maths and science.➕✖️.

The End By Kian.

March 31

A visit from Nurse Evelyn

Photo 21-03-2014 13 23 44

On Friday, Evelyn the community nurse came to our school.
She told us all about her job. She works as a midwife and a nurse. She goes to people’s houses if they are sick.
If they are sick, she takes their blood pressure, and checks their pulse.She took Kian’s blood pressure just to show us how to do it. We all took notes. And at the end we asked each other questions about it.
She brought in a syringe, it’s used for measuring blood. The syringe starts from 0ml to 20ml. You need to know maths and science for this job. It’s really important.It was really interesting learning about how she uses maths and science in her life.
She also brought in a stethoscope, she went around the class, checking our heart beat. It was really cool.
It was really cool having Evelyn in to our school. And was really interesting learning how she uses maths and science in her life.
Photo 21-03-2014 13 59 05

March 21

The visit from our local nurse.

Today we had a visit from Evelyn our local nurse. She uses lots of maths and science in her work.
She showed us a syringe and it had ml on it.
She told us about hypothermia and if you get cold you might get it.
She told us our heart beats 72 times a minute.
When you have a pain in your throat sometimes the doctor takes a swab and sends it to the laboratory for investigation and they see what bacteria is causing it.
Evelyn uses a cuff to check blood pressure.
When a baby is born Evelyn has to weigh them to see if they are healthy or not.She uses the scales to weigh how many kilograms the baby is.
After 3 days Evelyn takes a little bit of blood from the baby’s heel.
By Siobhàn&Aoibhe

Nurse Evelyn came to our school . She taught us about her job . She uses maths
and science. She uses cm to measure the size
of the baby’s head. She looks after old people, babies and mammies.
She has to check the weight of the baby. She uses scales for this.
Evelyn is very interesting.

By Eve and John