Acrostics for Halloween


Hallowe’en Acrostic Poem!

 H orrified of the deep dark sounds

A ssured that a ghost is roaming through the abandoned halls.

L iving dead play terrifying tricks.

L onely and lost in a dreadful and revolting woods.

O nly the lucky live to tell the terrifying tale.

W orried of the black shadows trailing behind you.

E ventful time of the year that kids enjoy

E very sweet we gobble down without a doubt

Nail biting experiences scare you to death.

from Sophie’s Blog

H orror in the house on Hallowe’en
A ll blacked out tonight
L ights bulbs all blown
L ots of ghosts and ghouls on the run
O n a giant rampage
W here are we?
E’ normous pumpkins out to get us
E veryone scared to death
N owhere to run and hide away

From Kian’s Blog

Haunted houses

A lot of scary costumes

Lots of sweets🍭🍪🍧

Out all night🌕🌞

Windows breaking …noises😵😵😵😵

Everyone scared to death😮😮😮

Everyone gone home

No where to run

from Hannah’s blog


Horrid screams in the house,
At the middle of the night,
Living people in the attic,
Lying dead on the floor
Of the old crooked mansion,
While haunting this day on,
Even if it’s abandonned,
Even if it’s gone,
Nobody will find out who he is coming for next…………….

From Jack’s blog



🎃Horror in the  night.  🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

🎃A ghost  gets you.      🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

🎃Like witches and ghost.     🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

🎃Leave the dark black house.   🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

🎃On halloween dress up.     🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

🎃We go around saying ‘Trick or Treat’.     🎃🎃🎃         

🎃Ever we will live in spookiness     🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃                           

🎃Ever go into a zombie’s house.     🎃🎃🎃🎃

🎃Never will live on halloween.      🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃


from Eve’s blog

Halloween Scares


I had the perfect life exactly one whole month ago, friends, family, my cute little labrador Bonnie and  my little brothers (one is ten and the other is 5.) We lived in the Big Apple NYC in Greenvile flats, and by we I mean my not-split up parents and my other cute and thankfully not split-up brothers!

It all started when my parents split up, I always felt like it was going to happen with all their arguments and disagreements.

Charlie, Harry and I (Zoe) were caught up in the middle of the split. 💔

From NY to California every week us kids just wanted our big old happy family back again.

The faithful day came where the judge announced whether  Charlie, Harry and I would be staying with dad in NY or mum in California.

Dad: The kids should stay with me! Who in their right mind would send them off to a dreadful boarding school in California when they should stay in their same home, stay with the life they know in NY with me!

Mum: Oh Dave! (my dad) you prove such a good point, but, I am sending my kids to a wonderful school they even are going to be living in a near 1 million dollar house which was what I could afford! You wouldn’t know that because I have been saving money for the past fifteen years for my children to have a good life in a lovely house near the sea.They will have a amazing new life! I don’t think that you can afford a new bike never mind a new life with that  buisness if yours!

Since dad was suspected of stealing money out of my family’s holiday savings me, Charlie and Harry were forced into a new life minus dad and in California with Mum.

We are going to go to our ‘elite’ ‘expensive’ ‘three story’ house I was watching out the train window and I saw the deep sea for the first time. As clear as day were all the tropical fish surfing through the broken waves like it was nothing.

When we reached the train station we got a taxi to Yeru hill and saw our new house with our own two eyes.

Flowers and ivy ran up the walls topiary birds and a lily padded fish filled fountain lay at the bottom of our huge lands.

As we entered the mansion (of our dreams) all our dreams…..BREAK.

Sarah(my mum) : Oh dear!

Charlie and Harry; What the!?

Me (Zoe) : What? Is this the right house!?

Cobwebs and broken (probably fake) antiques were found from top to bottom of the house. (I now refuse to call it a mansion because of the inside appearance.)

Sarah: Maybe if we start to dust and sweep the house will look better.. Chop chop kids!! Come on guys brooms and dusters at the ready!

Charlie: Awh mum! Do we really need to clean? Can we not just get a cleaner?

Sarah: Oh come on! It’ll be fun! Plus we might let the people who help have a takeaway!

Quickly Charlie, Harry and I grabbed the cleaning equipment and started scrub scrub srubbing, dust dust dusting, and sweep sweep sweeping.

It was a long 6 hours before we finally got cleared up. We got a takeaway pizza…mmmmm…

A few days passed and we got a letter from dad…

Dear Sarah, Zoe, Charlie, Harry and Bonnie.

I am so sorry that I have to write this message. I never thought I’d be in this position…As part of my sentence I have to fight for the English in the army. I’ve always been telling you about the horrors of WW2 and WW1 now I’ll be the one living it. I guess I deserve it but I cant help thinking that this will be the last time you’ll hear from me..

From your everloving dad and your one time dearest Dave.

I heard mum crying as she read this letter aloud to Harry (as he can’t read)

The next day… I found a very nice painting and I stuck it to my new bedroom wall. I heard a faint ‘miamhue’ ok mabye that wasn’t exactly the noise but it was close. Anyway I heard a noise..or a mumble? A few days past and I began to hear noises… Sarah heard noises.. Harry heard noises.. Charlie heard them too.. Suddenly we heard the postman coming he called out.

“Sarah Hide,497 CKJ 6913, Yeru Hill, California, U.S.A.”

Sarah: Letter from Dave?

Postman: Letter from Dave Whelchester RAB.

Me: Really? Is it him!? Come in Mr…

Postman: Cornwall.

Mr. Cornwall walked in to our home dropped the parcel and carried on his way.

“Bye ladies! Bye boys!”

Charlie and Harry simultaneously looked up from their tablets and mumbled a “Bye” as they continued in the task of trying to get three in a row in candy crush saga.

Me and mum opened the letter…

To Ms. Sarah Hide,

I’m sorry to say that your former husband has died from influenza on board S.S Captain we will all remember him as a loving father and a family man and of course a kind hearted solider.

From Captain CD. Rathgwell

The next few days were very hard for us, but we began to begin we were being watched..

We were! Me and mum and Harry and even Charlie saw creepy eyes loomed out of every single crack and corner. Shadows sceaming through the windows and cold spine shivering wind flew threw the chimneys on really cool days.

The next day I heard footsteps looming on the patio. Crawling and moaning, a figure opened my door at exactly midnight on the 4th of October 2005.

That was the last anyone heard of Zoe Hide…….

from Siobhán’s Blog

One Hallowe’en Night Alex and her best friend Jade went trick or treating. They were dressed as dead twins. Jade didn’t want to go trick or treating because she was a little scared. But in the end she did.
They were out trick or treating the whole night but while they where walking home Jade saw a ghost, not any ghost, but the ghost of Albert Sandy. Albert Sandy was a young boy that died on Hallowe’en Night. But he did not die a normal death. He died when a group of kids egged him.

They say that every Hallowe’en he haunts the the area where he died.

Jade told Alex what she saw and the ghost started coming towards them. They ran as fast as they could to the nearest house. They knocked on the door. It was one of their friends in their class. They both told her mum and she looked out the window and she saw him running at them.
The next thing they heard was knocking on the door.

They where all shivering and did not want open the door. Zoe’s dad opened the door and all it was was a group of kids trick or treating. They all started laughing.

Maybe the thing they saw wasn’t him after all but they will never find out……………

                 The End

                 By Shauna

from Shauna’s blog

Scary Halloween Story by Amy

“Trick or treat!” Shouted Ellie, Alison and Sarah. It was Halloween night and all the children ages two to twelve years of age were out in costumes hunting for sweets. Ellie was dressed up as a zombie, Alison was dressed up as a vampire and Sarah was dressed up as a werewolf. “Oh how scary you girls look tonight!” Said Mrs.Smith, an elderly lady who lived close by. “Have you collected many sweets yet?”. “Not yet” Replied Alison. ” But we’re working on it, this is only our first house!”. “Oh dear, we’ll you girls better get on with it! A handful of sweets for the zombie, a handful of sweets for the vampire and last but certainly not least a handful of sweets for the werewolf too!”. “Thank you!!” Shouted all three girls at once as they skipped off happily to the next house. Suddenly the bright full moon came out from behind the clouds. Sarah stopped to stare at the bright moon. Once Alison and Ellie realised that she had stopped they ran back to get her. “Why did you stop Sarah” asked Ellie. “Is something wrong?”. ” No, but, guys! Look at the full moon!”. “We’re looking at it! It’s just the same full moon that there is every other night” snapped Alison angrily. “No! It’s not! There’s something strange and magical about it! It’s really spooky!” protested Sarah. ” It’ s a bit strange I guess but come on! All the sweets will be gone soon and we’ve barley started!” Exclaimed Ellie, and so the three girls walked off to the next house but before they got too far Sarah took a backwards glance to make sure everything would be alright. Everything looked to be ok but there was something in the air that made Sarah doubt herself…..

Once the girls had done all the neighbourhood and were just about to turn around the stopped to take a break. “Uhhh! These fake fangs are so sore! I have to take them out!” Cried Alison. She tugged at her fangs to get them out but the wouldn’t come out! They were her actual teeth! ” OWWWWW!” Cried Alison. ” They aren’t coming off!”. Sarah felt her hairband which was decorated to look like a werewolf’s ears. It wasn’t a hair and anymore, they were her actual ears!! A frightened Ellie used the bottom of her t-shirt to wipe her facepaint off, but like the other girls, it wasn’t coming off! “AHHHHHHH!!”screamed all the girls. “WE’RE TURNING INTO MONSTERRSS!!!”. “I bet this has something to do with the full moon! I told you something was strange!” Shouted Sarah. “Well its your fault that we all turned into monsters! We would have never looked at the full moon if you hadn’t made us look!” Roared Alison. “Guys! Stop fighting! I think it would be better to find a cure than to waste our time fighting! Who’s with me?!” Cried Ellie. “I guess we are” shrugged Sarah and Alison to each other.

“Now what do we do first!?” Questioned Alison. “I have no idea!” Answered Ellie. “How about we head to my house and think of a plan?” Wondered Sarah. “My parents aren’t at home”. “OK” agreed Ellie and Alison as they began to walk down the streets. Suddenly the ground started to shake. The girls could tell it was the troublemakers that are out every Halloween night egging houses and making a mess of the place. Ellie looked at her watch. It said 2am on it. It was dangerous to be out at this time of night, even for three eleven year old girls. The girls ran into an alley-way which was the worst thing that they could have done! Six teenagers began to crowd up on them! All they could do was scream! Sarah even began to howl like a werewolf! The place began to blur for Sarah! She thought she was going to die!!

All of a sudden Sarah woke up! She was in her bedroom safe and sound! Sarah picked up her phone on her table to check the date and time. It said October 31st, 9:30am! Sarah began to cry because she was happy and sad. Happy because she and her friends were safe but she was sad because she left a sack full of sweets behind in her dream!!!

The End!
By Amy

Oíche Shamhna an bhlian seo caite!

Chuaigh mé ag imirt bob nó bia le mo cholceathar. Bhí mé gléasta suas mar Nanny Mc Phee! An lá sin, d’íarr Mamaí liom móin a fháil. Nuair a chuaigh mé amach sa chlós, chuala mé duine ag béicíl. Nuair a d’fhéach mé suas ar an díon, bhí mo Dhaidí ar an díon gléasta suas mar phúca agus bhí masc ar a cheann! “Ó a dhaidí!” a bhéic mé. Bhí scanradh an domhain orm! Tháinig mo chlann amach agus thóg siad pictuirí dó!

Le Aibreán

Oíche Shamhna seo caite

happy_halloween_lina_gif_by_liberorexis-d4cd509                                                 An bhlian seo caite, chuaigh mé féin agus Ava ag imirt bob nó bia. Fuair mé a lán milseán. Bhí muid gleasta mar cúpla scanrúil (scary twins). Bhuaigh mé féin agus Ava an duais don culaith is fearr. Bhí muid ag imirt cluichí agis ag tumadh d’úlla agus airgead. D’ith me a lán milseain.

Le Ailish

Oíche Shamhna í seomra na Naíonáín

Oíche Shamhna on PhotoPeach

Bhí an-spórt againn ar an Aoine seo chaite. Bhí gach duine gléasta suas le haghaidh Oíche Shamhna. Bhí eagla an domhain ar na múinteoirí! Bhí rasaí na cnónnaí againn agus bhí siad an greannmhar. Ghearramar amach puimcín mór agus rinneamar ‘Damhsa an Cnámharlach’. Ag deireadh an lae, bhí seans ag gach duine úll seacláíd a dhéanamh!mmmmmmmmm

Oíche Shamhna le Shauna & Ailish. Acrostic!!:)

‘Oooooo’a duirt an púca.
Ithim a lán milseain.
Chuir mé pumcín ar an fhuinneog.
‘Ha ha ha’ arsa an cailleach.
‘Eeeeek’ arsa an paisti.

Scuab agus cat ag na gcailleach,
‘Hurrá’ arsa na paisti nuair a fuair siad milseain.
lán cnónna agus úlla.
Mascanna ar na paistí.
Hata biorrach ar cheann an draoi,
Ná chaith ubh lé do theach.
Ag dul ó theach go teach.
Lé Shauna agus Éílís.
🙂 🙂

Ava’s Scary Story

imagesCA4L3GE5“Bye” called Lilly and Jane. They were going trick or treating. This was their favourite time of year, (exept for Christmas). Jane and Lilly don’t like very scary stuff. They went trick or treating to Ailish’s house first.Ding Dong went the door bell.

“Hi,’ said Ailish.

“Oh thats really scary!’ said Lilly. Ailish was dressed as a scary twin. They got lots of sweets from Ailish. Next they were going to Lisa’s house but………………….

They took the wrong road. What was going to happen? Suddenly it started to rain. It got heavier and heavier, then it began to hailstone. ” AHHHHHHH” cried Lilly. ” Quick to that old house!” yelled Jane.

They ran as fast as they could. They waited and waited but the weather didn’t get better.” Oh dear, ” said said Lilly. ” Let’s explore the house.” said Jane. They went into the first room, it was a bedroom. Suddenly there was a big bang. ” AHHHH!!!!!” they screamed.

They ran for their lives!. When they got back home they didn’t know WHO, WHAT OR WHERE THE BANG CAME FROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Amy’s Scary Story

ghost-cartoon10One Halloween not so long ago, two best friends called Jenna and Ally went out trick or treating. Before that Jenna went over to Ally’s house so they could get dressed up in their terrifying costumes together. Soon they set out, with two big empty buckets ready to collect sweets.

They went to many houses and collected lots of sweets. “I think we’ve almost done every house in the village” said Ally. “Everyone exept that big dark mansion” said Jenna. “Lets go there next” said the two girls at the same time. Suddenly they bumped into Amanda, Jenna’s 14 year old cousin. “What are you doing here Amanda?” said Jenna curiously, “You’re too old to be trick or treating”. Amanda saw the two girls glancing at the big mansion. “First of all no I’m not trick or treating and second of all you guys aren’t actully going up there, are you? said Amanda in shock. “Yes we are” said Ally. “Well you better watch out! That place is haunted!” Amanda replied. “What do you mean haunted?” asked Jenna worrying. “Spooky things happen there” said Amanda as she walked off. “Come on Jenna, we’re not afraid of anything!” said Ally and off they went.

Soon enough they were at the house door and knocked on it. They heard a whimpering voice say ” Hello dears, come inside”. They weren’t scared so they stepped in and the door closed behind with a big bang. Now they were a little creeped out but not enough to keep them from getting their sweets. They went into the sittingroom to see if anyone was in there, but no-one was. They wanted to get out because the room was very freaky, it had old sofas, an old cable T.V. and the creepiest thing of all was the room’s only light was about twenty candles on lots of tables. Suddenly, all of them seemed to go out one by one and no-one was in the room but them.

They started running down a long dark hallway that went to the end of the house and although they heard lots of deep moaning sounds behind them they kept on running. Luckily they found a room to hide in but there weren’t any hiding spots, it was nearly an empty room! All the monsters started to corner them in and one particular monster started closing in on them but it said ” Why did you avoid my warning?” and peeled off its face revealing the true identity of the monster who was actully Amanda! All the others peeled off their faces too revealing them all to be Amanda’s friends! ” I just wanted to prove to you that sometimes you should believe what I tell you” said Amanda.”I’ll take you to home now, alright?”

The two girls too horrorstricken to say anything, just nodded and walked away and from that day on they always believed what Amanda told them.

The End
By Amy