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Best Places to Visit: Learning Circle submission to Barry-USA Project:


Cross beach is a lovely place.It is about 10 km south of Belmullet on the mUllet Peninsula.The sand is nice and warm. Some times jellyfish are in the water. I go there every Sunday.

Sometimes I go there and I lie down on the beach.

I go there every Sunday. My uncle brings me there and he buys ice cream if it’s sunny.He brings my  cousins Tara and Tom.

I love Cross beach.

BY AVA  ❤️❤️❤️



Blacksod Bay is really cool and a great place to visit because there are fabulous beaches there: Elly Bay, Mullahroe are the most popular.

There are also some impressive lighthouses there too: Blacksod, BlackRock and Eagle Island,

There is massive rock there. The rock is a small island that us 365 m long and 30 m wide and is called Blackroc. In the middle of the Rock is the lighthouse. There always used to be a light house keeper in the light house but now, all the lighthouses are all automatic.

Sometimes the sea can get very rough in Blacksod Bay but it’s still a brilliant place.🌊🌞

By Laoise


Our area

I really like what we locally call “Skipper’s road” because it’s really peaceful and perfect. Skipper’s Road is near my house and near to my school.

I love this place because I can hear the waves crashing against the cliffs. I love being beside the sea. If I could, I would live on a beach.There is a lovely old pier that is nice to sit on, on a warm day.

It’s called Skipper’s road because there used to be a old man living in a old cottage that is still there. He used to make little boats and he used to be a skipper of a boat.

By Liam

Unique structures or buildings in our community and Early Peoples Study (Learning Circle Project- submission to Sajana-Nepal and Christine-USA))


I am writing about round towers.

Round towers were usually built close to a monastery and most were built  between the 9th and 12th centuries. The Monks used them when the Viking were coming to attack them.

The monks used to have a lot of treasure back then. They would have a man in a wooden tower, on look out, and when he saw the Vikings, he would shout and all the monks would get the treasure and climb up a ladder. The door would be half way up the tower and when the monks and the treasure were safely in the tower, one of the monks would pull up the ladder and the Viking could not get them.

The monks were holy people.There was no soliders to fight for them when the Vikings attacked them that’s why they build the round towers. The Vikings could not get the gold and not kill them. The monks got all the gold and gems by trading stuff and sometimes they just had the gems from mining.

from Patrick’s blog

National Symbols- Symbols of Ireland Learning Circle submission to Olena-Ukraine Project:


National symbols of Ireland:

The Irish Flag

Our most important symbol is our flag. It is a tricolour: green, white and gold.

The green color stands for people of Ireland who wanted an Irish nation.

The orange  color stands for the British supporters of William of Orange  who settled in Northern Ireland in the 17th century.

The white section symbolises bringing both groups to peace.


The Shamrock

St.Patrick,Ireland’s patron saint, is said to have used this as a metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity when he was converting people to Christianity in the 5th century.

We wear the Shamrock on St.Patrick’s day to symbolise this.It is a great celebration and people all over the globe now celebrate this day


The Harp














From early times to the end of the 19th century Ireland is unique in having a musical instrument,the harp,as its national emblem.The national flag throughout the 19th century was known as the green flag always showed a gold harp on a green background.

One of our most famous harpists was Turlough O’ Carolan who wrote many beautiful pieces of music for th eharp.

By Mikey

Some wonders in our country, what makes these places unique? Learning Circle submission to Fatemeh-Iran Projectr


Standing Stones (or menhirs)

Behind Siobhan’s house there is a circle of standing stones said to be from an old Irish tale telling the story of Grainne and Diarmuid

It starts with Fionn, (fyunn) a great warrior and leader of an old legend warrior gang,
His wife dies so he asks Grainne’s (grawn yah!) (a princess who was said to be the most beautiful girl in Ireland)  father for her hand in marriage.

Dhiarmuid was cursed by a old druid with a love spot. He hid it under his cap. The love spot made anyone who looked at it fall deeply in love with the

Fionn then invites them to his castle for a banquet in Grainne’s honour.
There Grainne meets the members of Fionns club including a man called Diarmuid (deer mud).
In the middle of the banquet two of Fionns dogs started to fight and Dhiarmuid jumped down from his chair to stop them.
While he done that his cap fell off and Grainne saw it. Immediately after she fell in love with Dhiarmuid.
During the banquet she kept quiet but after she told Diarmuid that she loved him.
Grainne told him that she wanted to run away with him and not marry Fionn.
Grainne said she would escape through the workers exit but Diarmuid decided to fight his way out ( at this point Fionn realised that grainne and Diarmuid were running away and he was mad)
Diarmuid vaulted over the castle wall away from Fionn and his friends. He met up with Grainne in the forest and it is said where they slept for the night they laid standing stones, they were always on the run from fionn.

By Hannah and Siobhán.

I have some interesting stones near my house. The stones are behind my shed.

Local legend say that these stones were tombs.These tombs are behind my shed.

Originally the were shaped like a table but the stones fell down a good few years ago.

The  name in Irish is ‘Cloch Bhreac’ which means ‘spotted stone’.

My family say the the Giants buried people down in the tomb. They say the Giants put their hand prints on the stone and you can still see the marks on them!

By Kyle

What we do in our Free Time- submission to Linda-Texas USA Project


In my spare time I go to my nan’s house  and play with Marley. Marley is her dog.

Mikey plays football in his spare time. Ava plays on her phone. and Kirsty watches TV in her spare time. Eve rewrite books in her own way. Patrick plays Gaelic football and Kyle farms in his spare time.Teacher likes to read in her spare time.

Other children’s spare time activities would be playing music while others would do art and poetry.

People have lots of different things to do in their spare time.

By Aoibhe




What I do in my spare time.

In my spare time in school we read our library books or do a spare time math puzzle sheet.

At home people always do things way different than what we do in school.

At home people always play:





Gaelic and lots more.

I sometimes go on my tablet after I have an adventurous walk or cycle.I like to keep fit and healthy.

The weather isn’t the best here it’s only now and again we get sunny days and sometime it is raining all day.

By Róisín



My Favourite Place


(Part of our work on our Learning Circles Project 2017)












My favourite place in Ireland is my new house which is is being built at the moment.

I know it will make me safe. It is a big house and it has upstairs. It won’t be down a big road.

My brothers and I will sleep upstairs and my mom and dad will be downstairs. It will have a bridge crossing to my farm at the bottom of the field.

The view will be really really good. My room will be the warmest in the house because the chimney is coming up through the wall of my bedroom. There are four bedrooms in the house. There is a spare room downstairs beside my mom and dad’s room. We will be moving into the house in 7 to 8 months.

My new house will not be far from my school in Inver, Co. Mayo
By Kyle


My favourite place is my sitting room. A sitting room is a place where you have a television and comfy seats and sofas. My sitting room has two green single chairs and one long sofa with flowers on them and a television. This is my favourite place because it is very relaxing and cosy. My 2nd favourite place is my bedroom. My bedroom has has a big bed which I have to share with my sister. It has purple walls and blue curtains. My 3rd favourite place is my back garden where I can play with my dog Toby and my cat Fluffy . Me and my dog play lots of games like catch and football. Me and my cat play football too. They are my favourite places.

From Hannah’s blog


My favourite place is at a soccer pitch. I don’t mind what soccer pitch it is, it  just it give me a nice feeling.

Our nearest soccer pitch is in Bangor and I play for them. We came very close to winning the league. It is a good distance away from our school. It is a lovely pitch and it is in the west coast of Mayo. There’s a lovely river beside it. Bangor Hibs is the name of my team and it has an all weather pitch which means it’s very good in the rain.













From Liam’s Blog



My Favourite Place

A lot of people have a lot of different favourite places, many people chose football clubs, their houses, gardens and places they feel safe.
For me, theres only one place that I could possibly choose, of course…

I pondered over the idea of places I holidayed in, Dublin, Kerry and even Scotland!

Then I realised the place. The only place I could ever choose as my no1….

My place is located in a rural area. Its in front of the sea where you hear the crashing waves as a wake-up call every morning. Its surrounded by fields and neighbouring houses, sheep and (those 2 cute donkeys and a horse over the road)

The place I chose was my kitchen. In my kitchen I have a dining table in the middle and a tv with chairs in the corner.
The kitchen has a fireplace near the tv and a green marble (I think its marble !!) counter-top for cooking and baking.

My kitchen is a place in which christmases were spent with my family and friends, meals shared with the people I love and care about.

I remember Christmasses where we had meals at the table and a long spread of food Turkey, ham, rice, chicken along with many others which names do not come to mind .
I love my kitchen
This is my favourite place.

By Siobhán
















My favourite place is my school.

I think my school is a really nice school and that everyone is really nice.

The teachers are really nice and they are always there when you need them that’s why they are the nicest people. One of our teachers will be going for a little while because she is going to have a baby soon but will be back soon. Everyone will miss her when she goes.❤️

All the students in our school are really nice and funny. There are only 2 children in my class but there are a total of 35 in the whole school.

I live only up the road from our school so we don’t really have to go far. Right now we have four green flags. Green flags are awards we get so as to encourage us to care for the environment and to keep it clean. We are working on our fifth one. The flag we are working on is called Biodiversity. Green flags are every important. We always try to keep our school tidy and clean for everyone.

Our school is really nice and that’s why I wrote about it.😆✌️

By Róisín




My Favourite place
Hi my name is Ava. My favourite place is Ballina IMC cinema.
I like it because you can see lots of movies and eat lots of popcorn.
Last weekend I went to see Beauty and the Beast. They have really nice cosy seats there too. At the counter they sell all kind of sweets candy floss and popcorn and sweets and you can buy these before you go in.


My favourite place
My favourite place in Ireland is Croke Park in Dublin.
It is my favourite place because it is a stadium for every quarter final semi final and final.
The last time a final was played in it was 6th of October 2016 that was Mayo vs Dublin. It was a replay. the score in the first game was 2-16 2-16 and the second game was 2-17 2-18 to Dublin and the first time mayo should’ve won because one of the Mayo players were fowled right in front of the goal and mayo would’ve scored a point
and the lines man said to the ref don’t give Mayo a free because they will win it. The next time we go up we will be bringing Sam to the west💚❤️🏐

From John’s Blog









Learning Circle: Class Survey


The first stage in our Learning Circle Project is to submit our class survey and to explore the submissions from the other schools.

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Learning Circle Project 2017


In the senior room, we are doing a Learning Circles collaborative project through IEARN with students in schools all over the world.
These are our partner schools:

Learning Circles is a highly interactive, project-based partnership among a small number of schools located throughout the world. Registration is now open for the January to May 2017 session of iEARN Global Learning Circles.

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