January 31

Active Codes

Check out our Active codes that were composed by children from 1st to 6th class. There was a fantastic effort from everybody!
Keep an eye out for the winning code as it will be published very soon!

Roses are red ,
violets are blue,
exercise is fun
and good for you.

From star jumps,jogging,push-ups and dance,
Football and skipping ..There’s lots we can chance.

So put down your x-box, iPads and phones get up,
get active and strengthen your bones.

The sugars and sweet things can All take a hike,
Turn off t.v and get on your bike . By Taylor🐶🦄

Come on everybody
It’s time to put on our
Time to get busy with our
fitness bike’s.
so 1,2,3 let’s start Jumping
and get those heartbeats pumping !
By Shay
Exercising is so fun,we all love to run.
Take a hike or ride a bike.
To swim in the pool is so cool.
Use your fit bit, run a mile,pass your friends with a wave and a smile.
Do some jumping jacks for a while.
If it’s sunny scoot for a mile.
By Erin and Kayleigh.❤️

I like to run
I like to walk
I like to ride my bike
I like to do jumping jacks
I like to do everything about Exercise.
Kayleigh McAndrew😍😎

Run, run, have some fun .
Tie your lace, go for a race.
Join a club not the pub.
Go to the bog go for a jog.
Don’t watch bbc on your tv.
Just go for a walk and climb a tree.
So please give us a big hip hip hurray.

By Ava Kirsty and Mikey.

Activ promo
Monday. Run
Tuesday walk
Wednesday skip
Thursday scoot
Friday runic
Saturday park run
Sunday run.

By Lucy Deane

Get of your chair, don’t be a bear
go for a run,have some fun.
Sitting in your room, don’tbe a fool
get out of your room and play some pool.
Running,Cycling and hiking too.
Just pick one or mabe two.
listen to us and you will be fit,

By patrick, John, Freddie

Get off your bum
Go for a run!

jump jump jump
tie your lace go for a race!

Alfie Harry

Dancing football , just do it all
Kick it high into the sky.
Quick quick , and do not slip
Score the goal, up mayo !
Active, Active , all the way ,
Things we can do , like jog and play.
Playing games , like hide seek.
the fastest runner, oh do not peak.
In class activities , the joys of it all.
Playing high knees and jumping jacks
Always been mind full of not hurting our backs.
We often keep cool, when cycling to school.
Walking and skipping , never acting the fool.
So let’s keep active every day.

May 6

Review of “Once” by Morris Gleitzman

The story of Once, by Morris Gleitzman, tells the tale of a Jewish boy living in Poland around the time of The Holocaust 1939-1945.

(The Holocaust was a time in history where the leader of Germany was a man called Adolf Hitler. Hitler and his followers the Nazis hated the Jews and set out to kill them all.)

Felix is an imaginative boy and he is always curious about what’s going on. His parents were booksellers and they were all happy.

Unfortunately, at that time The Holocaust began.

Felix’s parents left him at a Catholic orphanage when they realised what was going on and the danger involved.

For nearly 3 years Felix stayed at the orphanage.

He spent that time telling stories of his parents and where they were now and writing them in his notebook .

The presence of carrot in his soup made him decide his parents were finally coming back.

He left the orphanage and set out across Poland to the city to find his parents.

It seems as though the whole book was one of his stories as he was oblivious to the actual massacre that was going on all around him. He thought rivers of blood were rabbits and burning of Jewish books was just unhappy customers.

I love the book and hope to read more from that author it the future. The way he wrote the book was amazing and I enjoyed it.

The characters were all (mostly) lovable and kind. (Especially Zelda!!!)

I rate it 8/10.

From Siobhan’s Blog






January 27

Predicting what is going to happen next in ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’

The pupils in the senior room are currently reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. They have paused to predict what they think might happen next in the story:

I am reading Kensuke’s Kingdom. I have read about how the family are taking a boat trip around the world. Stella Artois the dog has just fallen overboard but has been rescued.
I predict the engine will break and they will have to paddle the boat to land and they will run out if money.
They will have to get a job in Australia until they have enough money. I think they will forget Stella Artois.
I think Michael is going to drop Eddie’s ball in the water and will be sad. I think a giant wave is going to hit the bow of the boat and they will have to swim back on it.

from Jack’s blog

I am reading Kensuke’s Kingdom. I have read about how the family are taking a boat trip.

I predict that one night the mom and dad go to bed and fall asleep and Michael and Stella Artois go up on the top of the boat when a big wave comes and washes them out to ocean.

Then I think that Michael and Stella Artois will fall out into the ocean when a big wave comes and washes then out to a island.

From Patrick’s Blog

I am reading Kensukes Kingdom. I have read about how the family are sailing around the world. Stella Artois has just fallen overboard but has been rescued.

I predict that they stop at another country and Michael gets lost but they only find out when they get back on the boat.

I’d say Stella goes and look for Michael and can’t find him until they see, him in a pub watching a game. Mum and Dad give out to him and put him on the boat and he slips getting on and falls into the water but luckily gets back up.

From John’s Blog

December 16

Hooray for Harry

We read a new story in school. It was called Hooray for Harry.
The story is about an elephant called Harry. Harry had 2 friends and their names are Lulu and Ted. Harry lost his blanket. They looked everywhere. In the end, they saw the blanket on the washing line. We think the title really suited the story. We were all wondering if Harry would find his blanket.
By Taylor & Kayleigh Mc

November 17

Scholastic Book Fair: Dress up as your favourite character

We have the Book Fair in our school at the moment. This morning everybody came in as a favourite character from their favourite book. Everyone looked FANTASTIC! They made a really effort.

We we all went down to the Junior room to tell the little ones what everyone was. Then a few minutes later all the Senior Room read a little bit from their book that they dressed up as. The people who weren’t dressed up just read a little of their own book.

Everyone made a really good job at this. Great Work Everyone.😄✌️

By Róisín

Today we dressed up as our favourite character from our favourite books. Lots of people dressed up: there was Alice (from’Alice in Wonderland’), there was Anna (from ‘Frozen’) and many more!

I dressed up as Esmie from ‘The Mum Hunt + The Mum Detective’ This is the second book in a two part book.

The first book, ‘The Mum Hunt’ is about a girl called Esmie who’s mum had died when she was a baby.

Esmie signs her dad up for the Lonely Hearts ad in the paper, near the end her dad and a nice lady called Lizzie are a couple.

The second book is called The Mum Dectective, in that book, Esmie starts to get suspicious of Lizzie when she followed her to her work at the chemists’ one morning, to find that Lizzie doesnt even work there! Surely there is a good explanation for this! Isnt there?

I really enjoyed dressing up today, and everyone was really imaginative at picking their costumes.

By Siobhán

This morning we most of us dressed up as our favourite character from a book. Every year a Book Fair come to our school. It helps us to buy some new books for the school.

Today, we had to dress up as our favourite character from a book. I dressed up as a player from the f2.

The f2 are YouTubers. They do unbelievable skills with famous footballers like Neymar Jr , Messi and Ranaldo.

Just before lunch we went down to the Junior  room to tell them what we were dressed as and about the characters. It was lots of fun and the best costume win a free book in the fair.

By Liam


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March 9

World Book Day 2016


We had so much fun on World book Day. The children decided to take the day off and sent their favourite character to school instead. We had Little Red Riding Hoods Grandmother who was just about recovered after her misadventure with the big bad wolf. Snow White and the other princesses hit it off straight away and have promised to keep in touch! My Superheroes were a great help throughout the day and lunch was extra special as it was freshly cooked by Linguini from Ratatouille. He even brought along his special friend Remy! We were all pretty impressed with how chirpy Little Bo Beep was considering she is still awaiting the return of her sheep. The farmers have promised to keep a look out for them. Iris brought her lion but she has obviously trained him really well as he was on his best behaviour. Miley was very humble considering her celebrity status. Luigi was a little shy at first and missed his brother Mario but by the end of the day he had made lots of new friends. Cinderella did not do a tap all day, as she was fed up of all the hard work at home. She had a deserved rest and took lots of advice from the princesses on what to wear to her next ball. It was wonderful having all of these characters visit for the day and I must say they really showed their cleverness when they participated in our World Book Day Interactive Quiz!