December 16

Hooray for Harry

We read a new story in school. It was called Hooray for Harry.
The story is about an elephant called Harry. Harry had 2 friends and their names are Lulu and Ted. Harry lost his blanket. They looked everywhere. In the end, they saw the blanket on the washing line. We think the title really suited the story. We were all wondering if Harry would find his blanket.
By Taylor & Kayleigh Mc

November 17

Scholastic Book Fair: Dress up as your favourite character

We have the Book Fair in our school at the moment. This morning everybody came in as a favourite character from their favourite book. Everyone looked FANTASTIC! They made a really effort.

We we all went down to the Junior room to tell the little ones what everyone was. Then a few minutes later all the Senior Room read a little bit from their book that they dressed up as. The people who weren’t dressed up just read a little of their own book.

Everyone made a really good job at this. Great Work Everyone.😄✌️

By Róisín

Today we dressed up as our favourite character from our favourite books. Lots of people dressed up: there was Alice (from’Alice in Wonderland’), there was Anna (from ‘Frozen’) and many more!

I dressed up as Esmie from ‘The Mum Hunt + The Mum Detective’ This is the second book in a two part book.

The first book, ‘The Mum Hunt’ is about a girl called Esmie who’s mum had died when she was a baby.

Esmie signs her dad up for the Lonely Hearts ad in the paper, near the end her dad and a nice lady called Lizzie are a couple.

The second book is called The Mum Dectective, in that book, Esmie starts to get suspicious of Lizzie when she followed her to her work at the chemists’ one morning, to find that Lizzie doesnt even work there! Surely there is a good explanation for this! Isnt there?

I really enjoyed dressing up today, and everyone was really imaginative at picking their costumes.

By Siobhán

This morning we most of us dressed up as our favourite character from a book. Every year a Book Fair come to our school. It helps us to buy some new books for the school.

Today, we had to dress up as our favourite character from a book. I dressed up as a player from the f2.

The f2 are YouTubers. They do unbelievable skills with famous footballers like Neymar Jr , Messi and Ranaldo.

Just before lunch we went down to the Junior  room to tell them what we were dressed as and about the characters. It was lots of fun and the best costume win a free book in the fair.

By Liam


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March 9

World Book Day 2016


We had so much fun on World book Day. The children decided to take the day off and sent their favourite character to school instead. We had Little Red Riding Hoods Grandmother who was just about recovered after her misadventure with the big bad wolf. Snow White and the other princesses hit it off straight away and have promised to keep in touch! My Superheroes were a great help throughout the day and lunch was extra special as it was freshly cooked by Linguini from Ratatouille. He even brought along his special friend Remy! We were all pretty impressed with how chirpy Little Bo Beep was considering she is still awaiting the return of her sheep. The farmers have promised to keep a look out for them. Iris brought her lion but she has obviously trained him really well as he was on his best behaviour. Miley was very humble considering her celebrity status. Luigi was a little shy at first and missed his brother Mario but by the end of the day he had made lots of new friends. Cinderella did not do a tap all day, as she was fed up of all the hard work at home. She had a deserved rest and took lots of advice from the princesses on what to wear to her next ball. It was wonderful having all of these characters visit for the day and I must say they really showed their cleverness when they participated in our World Book Day Interactive Quiz!

January 20


Sometimes we watch New2day in class, to keep up to date with current affairs and sometimes, we watch it at home. Yesterday, our homework was to watch it at home and write a report on one of the news items.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 21.52.55

On ‘News2day’, there was a section in the programme about young people learning about 1916. It really interested me as I enjoy learning about the past. Some students were picked to learn about a person, who changed Ireland forever, and risked his/her life for the people then and in the future (like me!) but, they learned about only the people who were not famous (unlike James Connolly or Padraig Pearse.)

It showed a couple names including William Pearse (Padraig Pearse’s brother) who was in the GPO when the whole rebellion was occurring. The person who was learning about him said; “It was very difficult to get information about him, even though he was Padraig’s (very much) lookalike.’’

I thought that having a 1916 piece on a famous news channel like that was a good idea, to get young Irish pupils involved in our history.

By Siobhan (from Siobhan’s blog)

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 21.42.33

My favourite article on ‘News2 day’ is about some Japanese people doing top of the class archery. They hit arrows with a bow from a long distance!!!! They trained in a tower in Japan. I think they are brilliant at archery.
By Jack (From Jack’s Blog)

My favourite “News2 day’ article is about “What its like to be homeless “. A woman and her husband and her three children had nowhere to go for Christmas day and they stayed in a tiny dirty hotel and it wasn’t nice to be there.

Her children and husband had to eat rolls for dinner on one bed, in what was very small room.

She also said that her children could go swimming or go on games in the arcade.

Another woman hoped that a McDonald’s was open on Christmas Day. Imagine eating in McDonalds on Christmas Day!

But they worked for only five months and build 12 apartments.

The End

from Abby’s Blog

December 20

The First Christmas

Once upon a time lived a beautiful woman called Mary and her husband Joseph. They lived in a small town called Nazareth.

One day Mary was sweeping the floor and suddenly an angel appeared and told her she was going to have a baby: “It will be God’s special King and you will call it Jesus.”
Caesar Augustus had ordered everyone to sign their name on the book, in the place where they were born, so that he would know how many people were living in his land.

Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem and sign their names on the census. Mary couldn’t walk that distance so they brought a donkey.

Meanwhile the three wise kings had seen the most beautiful, brightest star in the sky and they were following it.

An angel also told the shepherds that there was going to be a special baby born in a stable.

When Mary and Joseph got to Bethlehem it was awfully busy and there was nowhere to stay! Mary and Joseph tried loads places but everywhere was fully booked … until they found an inn and thought it would be quiet. The innkeper and his wife told them there absolutely no more room and Mary told them that she was having a baby.

The innkeeper told Mary and Joseph that there was a stable they could borrow for the night. Mary and Joseph were so pleased. That very night Mary had God’s special King.

The shepherds got to the stable and they were all amazed to see Jesus lying in a manger. When the kings followed the star, they ended up in the stable, too. The three kings brought three gifts , gold frankincense and myrrh.

By Abby (from Abby’s blog)


It all happened when a woman called Mary was sweeping the floor and then out of nowhere an angel from above came down and told her that she was going to have a baby and his name would be Jesus. Mary and Joseph had to go to Bethlehem to sign the Census. When they reached Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph signed the Census and went to an Inn.

There was no room at the Inn but the Innkeeper said to Mary and Joseph that they could use his stable for a night. Later that night, the Baby Jesus was born. Then when Mary bent down to settle her baby, Joseph could see some kings in the distance. Then the shepherds and the Kings came and so did the Angels. Everyone was really excited for the birth of the baby Jesus.

By Grace


There once was a woman named Mary. Mary lived in Nazareth and was engaged to a carpenter named Joseph. One day Mary was baking when an angel appeared in front of her. Mary couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The angel told Mary that she was going to have a baby boy named Jesus and he would be the son of God. Mary was shocked with the news she had just got but she did exactly what the angel told her.

At this time Ceasar Augustus was the emperor and wanted all the people to travel to Bethlehem to get there name in the census book so he could see how many people were In the country. So Mary and Joseph started to make there way to Bethleham to get there names in the census even though Mary was pregnant. Joseph walked all the way and Mary travelled on the donkey.

When they finally arrived at Bethleham there were a lot of people there! After they got their names in the book they went to find an inn that they could stay in but they couldn’t find one anywhere. Just when they were about to give up a generous woman offered Mary and Joseph a stable beside the house because all there rooms were booked. Mary and Joseph were delighted even though there was lots of animals in the stable.

While this was all happening some shepherds and wise men had heard of the terrific news of the baby Jesus and needed to find the stable that Jesus would be born in that very night.

Sure enough high in the sky a star shone brighter than any other star in the sky and these people knew that this would lead them to the baby Jesus. They followed the star and it brought them to the very stable where baby Jesus lay.

When they walked in, there, lay the baby Jesus in a manger.

So Christmas isn’t all about presents and gifts, we’ve got to remember Jesus and what he scarified or us!

By Sophie


November 7

We are Writers!



     We Are Writers!

Before the summer holidays, Scholastic which are a book publishing company, both in Ireland, and worldwide, asked our teachers would all of our school be interested in writing a story, poem, rhyme to be published in a book. Of course the teachers where delighted to be able to give us the chance to have our own story in a book!I was so excited and didn’t know where to start! Sure enough everyone started to brainstorm on what there piece of writing would be about. I decided to do my book about a little girl that finds her dream horse called “Dreamer”. It came out really well and I was proud! It took a few weeks to finish but I did it! When everyone had finished we all pasted it into the “We Are Writers” website. We then waited to see our stories be transformed into one big book.Sure enough last week the book arrived. It was soo cool. I literally felt butterflies in my stomach at the thought of showing all of my family and friends what I had achieved. I’m sure everyone felt that way! Another school close by also had all of there stories in it too. They were also very good!The “We Are Writers” book will now be on sale at our book fair this month so that we can buy it and show all our families. I am now really proud to that I am a WRITER!!!

During the summer holidays Scholastic asked the teachers do they want to write a book for another book. So the book will be called We Are Writers!!!!. My story is called ‘The Mean Princess’.Another school is doing it with us too and their school is called Shraigh School. Their books are in there too and they are AMAZING!!!! It is out in the book fair this year and I can not wait TO BUY IT!!!!.The End!!!
By Hannah.
October 14

My Story Series

My book(s) report is about a ‘series’ of books called ‘My Story’ books. They all write a girl’s diarybook and write about a time in history (example: Princess Margaret’s diary 1939 where ‘Wartime Princess’ is the name of the book.)

All of the books are from different authors, so there is no one author for the whole series.

I have read three ‘My Story’ books so far. I have read:

‘Pompeii’, a Roman girl’s diary,

‘Slave Girl’ an a American-African slave’s diary (the best one!) and

‘Wartime Princess’ an English princess’ diary from WW2.

I enjoyed all three books as they go into so much detail. ‘Slave Girl’ is the absolute best one yet!

I rate the series 10/10. I really hope I find another book from the ‘My Story’ series.

I love these books as they make history interesting! Yes, I said it! History just got interesting.

from Siobhán’s blog

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