October 9

Our Active Code


Inver N.S. Active Code

We need this Flag,
Don’t want to be a nag,
Get on your feet
And move to the beat.

To be fit, do not sit, ride a bike, walk or run, have some fun!
It doesn’t matter what you do , Just do what’s good for you!

Any sport at all,
You don’t need a ball.
We have a pitch AND a hall.
Run to the shore,
Don’t be a bore,
Don’t stay at home and snore , snore, snore!

To be fit, do not sit, ride a bike, walk or run, have some fun!
It doesn’t matter what you do , Just do what’s good for you!

Don t stay in and sit, sit, sit,
Just listen to us and you’ll get fit, fit, fit!

Well done to Liam & Kirsty for their wonderful Active Code!
All of the children worked so hard, composing great stories, poems and raps. Keep up the great work guys!

February 24

100 Word challenge

We are working on the 100 Word Challenge at www.100wc.net. This week’s challenge was to write 100 words about the photograph below.

Here are some of our early entries:


An unusual brick sofa is sitting there alone. Dusty leaves lie in its corners making it look like an ancient artefact from long ago. The colour of the chair reminds me of a midnight sky with its purple and dark blue colour. It’s swirly designs on each arm makes it look 3D. Tassels hang from the bottom touching the ground so that the ends are all tattered and dusty. A cat is chiseled into the sofa and sits on the top, sleeping. I don’t know would the sofa be comfortable because I’ve never sat on such a mysterious sofa… YET!!!
From Sophie’s Blog

lice strolled down a hidden path she had discovered with her kitten, Delilah. The young girl had her head in the air, appreciating the warm summer breeze which was blowing at her back. She then looked down to see Delilah skipping down the path with her little eyes closed. Suddenly the kitten came face to face with a stone bench. “How peculiar!” Thought Alice. They were tired so they sat down. “Look Delilah! A stone cat!”. Alice outstretched her hand. The cat hissed and Alice jumped back in fright. She banged her head on the bench and was rendered unconscious…
from Amy’s Blog

Sebastian and his friend Tom went for a walk down a dark, gloomy alley. It was hard to see, they were debating about who was better at soccer when suddenly Tom banged his foot off something rock hard!

There was a flickering street lamp and Sebastian thought he’d seen a sofa!!! He asked Tom if he could also see this mysterious sofa! Tom had seen it too!

The boys sat down on this sofa whiles Tom checked his toes, they were swollen, but Tom decided he wouldn’t tell his Mum about it! The boys returned every night to this mysterious sofa…….

from Amy’s Blog

I was walking in the dark forest with my friends as
we planned to build a fort somewhere along
the tall trees. One of the girls spotted a secret
entrance that, surprisingly, we never spotted
before. As we crept
through the bushes my eyes lit up with delight
as I saw a huge area with a gorgeous path and
beautiful rows of flowers.
I turned around and there I saw
an unusual chair… Not just a normal chair, it
was mysterious …kind of like it had its own story
behind it. But why was it hidden away in the
From Lisa’s blog

The old woman was walking down the lane when she saw the blue stone sofa on the side of the road.It was glistening in the boiling hot sun. She sat down and relaxed on the warm chair and admired the trees behind her blowing in the wind. She heard the rustling of the leaves scattering around.The smell of nature was amazing. She noticed the fantastic designs on the sofa. It was just like a work of art. It looked so realistic with all the patterns. She was enjoying sitting down in the sunlight so she stayed sitting for another while.

from Ava’s Blog

I put on my ragged old jacket as I thought: ‘Why has it rained so much?’ I walked outside and saw an old cat through the trees. I watched and walked towards it but it ran. I stopped, it ran on to a big stony concrete object. I walked towards it and it became much clearer. I stood in front to examine what was a couch. It looked as if it was soft but hard too, in a way. I reached out to it. I felt it slightly move. Everything around me turned to stone. What had happened? I wonder…
from Siobhan’s Blog

It was a frosty morning and I went to meet my friends in the park. When I was walking, I passed an old couch. It looked hard and it had leaves on it. It had an old pattern on it. So when I met my friends I told them what I saw and I showed them the old couch. We sat down on the couch to have a rest. It was too hard so we just kept walking. At the evening I walked back to my friends house. When I returned to my house I saw the couch again.
from Grace’s blog

This couch may look soft but it’s not. You can see there is a cat on the back of the couch. This couch is hard. It looks like it is made of marble or stone. I think it is made of stone. The part you sit on looks soft but it’s not. There are a lot of trees and leaves around the couch and there are trees are behind the couch. The bottom looks real too. There is something black on the bottom. I wonder what that could be? It looks comfortable too. I would bring it in if it were not hard.
from John’s Blog

December 2

Letters between Millie and Bertie from ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo

No.22, Lakeside Avenue,
Dear Millie,
Guess what? I joined the army! I was just sick of my old school, and plus I’m old enough now! We have to wake up at 6:30 every morning, well we don’t have to but the general makes us! He’s a but of a moody pants if you ask me! I sent an application form to them last week, and on Thursday I received a letter from “The Royal Navy” saying they have accepted me! It’s a big commitment but I’m willing to take it on! We train from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday!!! I really do work hard! You’ll be surprised at the size of my muscles now! Haha only joking! The uniform is an ugly dark green and I’ve got lots of different badges on it.
You might be a bit worried because your father died in the army, but I promise I will come back to you as often as possible! I’ll sent you postcards every week!
My roommate is one of my old friends from school, Jake, you remember him, right? We get along great! We play charades on a weekend, or sometimes chess! There isn’t many things to do, when your not training! We’re only allowed our cell-phones on Sundays, and that is only for one hour, and you are only allowed to make one call!!! Most Sundays I have to ring my Aunty and Uncle to tell them how it’s going, but I’ll ring you one of the days!
Anyway how are things going with you?? How’s Nolips and Nanny Mason?? Hope all’s good there!
Yours truly,
By Ailish

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 07.28.32

Dear Millie,
I have decided that I am going to join the army because it would be a better life than what I have now at school here. I know your father died in the army but I swear I will make you and your father happy. By the way how are you and is your school good or bad?
Can’t wait to hear from you soon,
Your Bertie

By Shauna

To my dearest Millie,
I am at the war now. I have made some friends. Sadly, some nice people died and I am quite scared.
I have seen a poster that has a Le prince Blanc (The white prince ) on it… my white lion!
I am overjoyed with happiness!!
I can’t go and I’m not sure if I should or not?
I cannot write any more..
Im sorry.
I’ll try to visit any chance I get.
I will I promise,
Lots Of My Love! Bertie…..
By Siobhan

September 22

Blackberry and Apple Crumble – Crumble sméir agus úll

On Thursday myself and my class made a blackberry and apple crumble. It was mouth wateringly delicious.

First the teacher washed the berries. Than she told us to wash our hands. (Our teacher had washed her hand already).

After she told Seamus and Amy to sort out the berries because some of them were still a bit red and bitter. Than she asked myself, Ailish and Ava to cut off the skins and mash the apples. Than she told the other groups to make the crumble out of flour, butter and sugar.

Next some of the students sprinkled some of the crumble over the berries and we decorated the top of the pie with some apples and berries. They looked delicious.

We put them in the oven for over 20 minutes. Ava and I offered to clean the dishes. I spotted a bit of steam coming out of the little oven and you could smell the pie beginning to burn. The first pie was cooked and ready to eat! Yummm!

We let the other pie cook for another few mins to let it get a bit crispy. The pies were too nice. We all got 2 pices. Seamus got 3! Haha!! He loved it.

The pies were really nice. The recipe will be on our blog @Inver.org

I hope you liked reading my story.

The End.

By Orla

Inne rinneamar crumble smeir agus ull
Ar dtus nigh muid ár lamha agus na sméara.
Chuir muid úlla, siucra agus braon uisce sa mhicro-oigheann ar feadh cupla noiméad. Chuir muid i mias iad leis
na sméara.
Ansin, rinnemar an crumble le plúr, im agus siucra. Chuir muid an meascán ar bharr na hulla agus smeara. Chuir muid an mais san oigeann ar feadh fiche noinead.
Bhí an crumble go halainn.
le Amy

September 4

Ice Bucket

Photo 03-09-2014 02 55 25 (2)
Today my teacher and her fellow staff participated in ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’! It was for a horrible disease called ‘Motor Neurone Disease’.

We all gathered around the astro turf pitch beside our school. 6th class pupils poured the freezing water over our staff! They were sitting in a line. The looks on their faces was hilarious! 😂

The cameras were brought outside to take videoes and pictures! It was my pleasure to pour the ice cold water over Muinteor Rachel! We all laughed at them screaming.

After all, ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’ is for a good cause. The coldness of the water is equal to the pain ‘MND’ people are suffering. Each €2 is one bit closer to curing this cruel disease! 👍🙏💪
By April (See April’s Blog)

On Wednesday the 3rd of September all of the teachers of Inver NS did the ice bucket water challenge.
A few minutes later they said their nominations. They nominated, Barr na Tra NS teachers and Shraigh NS teachers too.
They do this in aid of a charity for MND and in memory of Eve and Lucy’s Granduncle and Ailish and Liam’s Granny that died from this disease.
First of all we walked down to our school pitch and brought down the chairs. The teachers changed into different clothing. They walked down to the pitch and sat down onto the chairs. All of 6th class girls brought their cold water down from the tap, and counted 123. Than we poured our cold water over the teachers.
Amy and I poured our full basins of cold water over Múinteoir Lorraine, April poured her cold water over Múinteoir Rachael, Lisa poured her basin of water over Martina and last but not least Ava and Ailish poured their cold water over our teacher Múinteoir Mairin.
If your were nominated don’t forget to donate!! 😄

BY Orla (See Orla’s Blog)


Today, the third of September 2014, our teachers did the ice bucket challenge😃! Sixth class got the opportunity to pour the freezing ice cold water on top of them! The teachers that did it were Muinteoir Marín,Muinteoir Lorraine, Martina ( the secretary ) and Muinteoir Rachel (the teacher that is standing in for Muinteoir Deobrah ).

First we ( 6th class ) got the basins and filled them up with water while the teachers set up the chairs down in the pitch. Once we were all ready the teachers sat down on the chairs and announced that they were going to nominate the teachers in both Barnantra and Shraigh National Schools. On the count of three we poured the ice cold water down on top of the teachers 😄!!!! There were soaking wet! Afterwards they dried off and changed into some dry clothes. They also donated money to the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association which is the reason the ice bucket challenge was created!

I’m really glad that our teachers did the ice bucket challenge! And after all, it’s all for a good cause! I think that our teachers are really cool for doing it, I don’t think many teachers would!!!!😀💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

By Amy (See Amy’s Blog)

The End!

Yesterday our teachers where asked to bring in some spare clothes. The reason the had to was because Ava nominated them to do an Ice Bucket Challenge.

First we brought out 4 chairs for the teachers. All of the 6th class girls filled up the basins. Paula videoed the hole thing. There was Muinteoir Rachel, Muinteoir Maurin, Muinteoir Lorraine & Martina.

Subsequently, we where all ready. The teachers sat down on the chairs. The girls finally poured all of the water over all of them.

I really enjoyed watching it all happen. But the teachers didn’t. The End By Shauna. (from Shauna’s Blog)

This morning I went into school and everyone was buzzing! The teachers were doing the Ice bucket challenge. Everyone was so excited!
When we sat down in class, Múinteoir Máirín announced that 6th class we going to throw the water over them. We we going to do it before 11 ó clock.
So we started to fill the basins at the tap outside, I had a red bucket! We made our way down to the field, where there was 4 seats set up. We left our buckets beside the seats. Ava and I were going to pour the water over miss Connolly! (Haha 😅) So the time came and the teachers were it in memory of my granny and Eve’s great uncle who died from MND. I thought that was very nice! 3-2-1…….. It was all over!! It was so funny!
The teachers were freezing. They went inside and got changed into fresh clothes. We had a fantastic day! I hope we can do that again sometime!!! By Ailish (See Ailish’s Blog)

Today most of our staff in Inver NS did the ice bucket challenge. Ava nominated our teacher Múinteoir Máirin so Múinteoir Lorraine decided to do it, as did the naionáins teacher Múinteoir Rachel and Martina our secontory. It was so funny.
We did it down in the field. We put 4 chairs in a row. All the people in 6th class poured the water on them. All the teachers got two buckets of water. They all screamed! Paula was are camera lady.😂💦💧😸
BY Grace (See Grace’s Blog)

Today at school the teachers done the ice bucket challenge. They got nominated by my
friend called Ava. 😂👍

The teachers were very nervous and didn’t want to
do it, but it was for an amazing cause!

When the teachers announced they were doing
the challenge, 6th class were first to volunteer to
pour the water over their heads! 👏🙊

All of the teachers and the students went down to
the field, while 6th class went to fill the buckets
freezing cold water! The teachers were all sitting
on chairs 😁

When all of us were ready….. SPLASH!!! Down came
all the ice-cold water! 😱😂 It was hilarious! I was
pouring the water over Martina!

It was great when we watched the video, all of
their facial expressions were extremely funny! 🙊👌

It’s great that so many people did the challenge
because it is for a fantastic cause!
By Lisa (See Lisa’s Blog)

September 2

Back to school acrostics

From Shauna’s Blog

B ring on the BCG!
A lways eager on the first few days.
C ool projects!
K icking balls

T eachers always giving us work
O ff to school

S hapes, sums and more!!
C omputers are my fave
H olidays finished for now!!
O MG, confirmation!!!!!!!!!!
O ff we go in the Beetle, to the shop
L ast year in school!!

By Ailish (from Ailish’s blog)


B ack to school

At hard work

Can’t complain though!

Kicking the ball on the pitch

To try and score

Out we go at 11:00

School isn’t THAT bad!

Chatting with our friends

Homework to be done

Opening books, copies & more!

Occupying the little ones

L aughing at funny jokes! 😂

From April’s Blog











Out of education


From Roisín’s Blog


B Back to school again
A Art is my favourite subject
C Children playing at break
K Kids learning new skills
T Time to get up in the morning
O Outside – Laughter in then playground
S School is over at three o’ clock
C Confirmation this year
H Happy children all around
O Obair Bhaile – Ní maith liom é!!!
O Our teacher is the best
L Learning is fun!!!!
By Amy

September 1

Smaointe ar bheith ar ais ar scoil – Back to school thoughts…


Bhí orainn na cúil a chuir suas inniú tar éis an tsamhraidh. Beidh muid in ann peil a imirt amárach. Míle buíochas len ár gcúntóir, Paula, as ucht a cabhair.

One of our first jobs today was to put up our goals. They had been stored away for the summer and now we are set to begin practising our football again. Thank you to Cúntóir Paula for all her help.

Some thoughts on being back at school:

We went back to school last Thursday! We only got homework today, but I’m kinda glad because we haven’t had any in ages! I’m glad we’re back to school!!!!

I’m sitting beside Lisa and Ava, April’s opposite me! Me, Lisa and April are at the top of the table!! We have fun in class but we work really hard and put our heads down too!

I walk to school whenever I possibly can! I usually walk to school with Ava but I’ve had a bad cold and being feeling sick the past few days so I haven’t walked to school yet!! I hope I get better!!!

We put up the goals today! It’s was confusing. Lisa, Seamus, Orla and I put them up! the nets were tricky but we done it! Paula let us have a quick game after we put them up, just to check they were safe!

Im looking forward to this year at school! PLUS WE’RE IN SIXTH CLASS!!!!

By Ailish (From Ailish’s Blog)

I am really excited about being in 6th class. I hope
I hope it is going to be a fantastic year!😀 I am
over excited about our confirmation 🙈. It’s going
to be great fun having the craic with all my

I am a bit scared about having our BCG! I am also
missing my friends Shannon and Niall 😧😃.

I’m hopeful that I will improve in my maths and
Irish. 👍

By Lisa (From Lisa’s Life)

’m happy about being back at school because I get to see all of my friends.
The bit I don’t like about school is that you have to get up (EARLY) and get out of your pjs but school is fun to you can have a bit of craic as well.☺️
And I can’t wait until the Gaelic season starts because I love playing football and the girl/boy teams are very good here. We have two new students in our school. Their names are Abby and Jack and I hope they will be able to play with our Gaelic team.😄
(From Orla’s Life Blog)

I am happy about being back to school because I can see my friends again. I am in a new class. I like : Going on school trips, seeing the new little ones, making our Confirmation and football matches.

I amn’t really looking forward to hard work. BCG! Homework. I don’t like not being able to sleep in on the mornings.

After all, school isn’t the worst place. You learn something new everyday! 👍📚💻
From April’s Blog

We went back to school last Thursday . My summer holiday was class. My family and I went to lots of places. We went to watch all of the Mayo matches over in the pub. Unfortunately Mayo lost their last match.

I’m looking forward to starting back at our new season of Gaelic. I really like school, but I like a sleep-in some days.

The end

By Shauna (From Shauna’s Blog)

This year I am looking forward to meeting my friends again. I also can’t wait for the fun subjects like art and English. Even though I will miss the the summer holidays and sleeping in, it is good to get back into routine again and change things around a bit. This March/April we (6th class) will be making our Confirmation and I am also excited for that too!

From Amy’s Blog

On Thursday we started school.
I was very excited.
First I looked into the small ones classroom.
It looked so different.
Then I met up with my best friends Hannah and Amy.
When the bell rang I went to my new classroom ( the
big room )
I went straight to my desk and got a chair. I had lots of fun and the work wasn’t too hard.
The End.
By Siobhan (From Siobhán’s Blog)

June 14

Terry McDonagh’s workshop

The other day Terry Mc Donagh came to our school. He gave us a workshop on writing as part of Aras Inis Gluaire’s writers’ festival: An Béal Binn – Erris Festival of Words. If you have never heard about him, he is an Irish poet. In his poems, he doesn’t rhyme, he just writes beautiful poems.
He showed us two books that we thought were fantastic! 😊 Then, he told us to grab a pen and paper and start writing a 50 word Saga about Clouds! At first we were confused but then he started making up stories about them that were very funny and interesting.
After, he got us to read them out! He then read out his poems and put a little bit of action into them. He was a really great poet!
After all, we had a really fun day with him! ☺️😃
By April

(Taken from April’s Blog)

Last Friday a Poet called Terry McDonagh came in to us because the Festival of Words was on last weekend In Aras Inis Gluaire, Belmullet He was really funny.
First he introduced himself and then he started talking about clouds. He sasked ” What are clouds like?” Someone said ‘Nice’. He said ‘nice’ had no meaning! Someone shouted ‘Candyfloss’. He said ‘That’s more like it’! We actually wrote a whole story about clouds and the cloud family. We had to write for 5 minutes nonstop about clouds!!!
He told us to write about anything we wanted then. I wrote about a family going on holiday it was called ” Holidays are Bad.” It could only be 50 words long though, that’s called a mini saga!
He read a couple of his poems from his book called ’Boxes’ and it was great.
I hope Terry did well in the festival and I hope he comes again!!!!
By Ailsih
(Taken from Ailish’s blog)

On Friday the 6th of June 2014 a poet and writer called Terry McDonagh came into our school to talk about writing and poems. First he told us about his work and life and showed us some poems and a book he wrote.
Next he put some coloured boxes out on the table and we did mini sagas witch means a 50 word story and we had to pick a coloured box. This was my mini saga. It is called Ching Ching,
John Joe Gorilla walked into the pub with his friends Lenny and Matt. They got drunk and spent all their money. So the went to the g-casino. Then John Joe put a cent in the machine and ChingChing all the money poured out.
That is my mini saga.
Next he read out some of his poems.
i enjoyed Terry’s visit to our school.
By Kian
(Taken from Kian’s blog)

On Friday a man called Terry McDonagh came to our school. He is a poet. He brought in two books called “Cill Aodain and Nowhere Else” and another book called ” Boxes”.
We had to write a mini saga. That is a story with 50 words no more or no less. My title was called “Hotel For Animals”. You had to chose a box to put your story in to I put mine in to a blue box.
I really enjoyed writing the mini saga. I would like him to come again. It was a good day.
The End
By Seamus

Taken from Seamus’ Blog

Terry Mc Donagh is poet. He writes poems. My favourite poem is ‘Boxes’. He wrote books called Cill Aodain and Nowhere Else. This story is about when we was a kid.

We did a mini saga. That is a story but it was to have 50 words only. My story is called ‘Stuck in the Bog.’ I engoyed writing with Terry.
📄✏️ The end📄✏️
By Liam

(Taken from Liam’s Blog)

April 3

Our trip to the shore





















Today my classroom went to the beach.
We saw loads of creatures, peri winkles,crabs,mussel shells and limpets.
We saw something that looked like sea anemone too.
1st class and 2nd class took some pictures of some of the shells we found.
Some of the limpets were stuck on rocks and others were just lying on the sand.
We found mussel shells but the seagulls had eaten their meaty part.
When we were going home we traced our names in the sand.
We also saw some seagulls looking for prey..
I love going to the beach!!!!!
By Siobhan.

Today we went to the beach. We found some mussels,limpets, razor shell fish and crabs.
We found a dog whelk. We saw lugworms track on the sand. On the way we saw a baby lamb in the field. He was feeding. On the way home our teacher let us write our names in the sand. It was good fun today. By Hannah & Seán

Today we went to the sea side. We wanted to look for rock pool life.
We saw crabs,some were dead and some were alive. We saw lugworm tracks.
We saw some rock pools, they were interesting. We love the sea side.
By Eve & Aoibhe

March 21

The visit from our local nurse.

Today we had a visit from Evelyn our local nurse. She uses lots of maths and science in her work.
She showed us a syringe and it had ml on it.
She told us about hypothermia and if you get cold you might get it.
She told us our heart beats 72 times a minute.
When you have a pain in your throat sometimes the doctor takes a swab and sends it to the laboratory for investigation and they see what bacteria is causing it.
Evelyn uses a cuff to check blood pressure.
When a baby is born Evelyn has to weigh them to see if they are healthy or not.She uses the scales to weigh how many kilograms the baby is.
After 3 days Evelyn takes a little bit of blood from the baby’s heel.
By Siobhàn&Aoibhe

Nurse Evelyn came to our school . She taught us about her job . She uses maths
and science. She uses cm to measure the size
of the baby’s head. She looks after old people, babies and mammies.
She has to check the weight of the baby. She uses scales for this.
Evelyn is very interesting.

By Eve and John